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Contributions needed

dcuartiellesFebruary 8th, 2011

I have been blogging a couple of times about the Complubot robotics team. It is the robotics team made of kids, based in Madrid, that has won the class B Soccer world championship the last 3 years. The team has existed for over 8 years and has until now had a list of dedicated sponsors to help them build the robots for the next competition.


(c) 2010 Complubot, Trophies

It is a rule that the robots have to be build by the kids. The whole process is open source, since they kids have to present publicly how they made the robot as a proof they didn’t get any external help with it. I have been making personal donations to the team in the form of boards during the last year. Now, that all their big sponsors fell off, it has become time for crowdsourcing their activities.

This is a call for you all with either the materials or the money needed by this kids to get their robots running to donate. Please visit their website, get to know their story (EN, ES), and contribute! At their website you will as well find how to make your own Arduino based robot using servos, how kids can build Paperduino boards, or explanations to the way they teach algorithms using theater. Remember, 25Eur are cool, but 100Eur are much cooler … and even more when you know they will help these kids education.



(c) 2010 Complubot, Theatrical Algorithms

Their total budget needs sum 4450Eur. If you want to know how the money will be spent, take a look at the following shopping list:

This list includes the equipment needed for us to finish our robots. It includes just what we need to make it to the competition.

  • 10 – Set motor-gear-encoder
  • 3 – Digital compass
  • 12 – LIPO batteries
  • 4 – LIPO battery chargers
  • 3 – Power Supply 12V/10A
  • 6 – Arduino Motor Shield
  • 10 – 12V DC motores
  • 15 – Ultrasound sensors
  • 64 – IR receivers
  • 6 – Atmega328p processors
  • 3 – Arduino Mega
  • 3 – Arduino Mega Sensor Shield
  • 3 – Arduino Nano
  • 3 – Arduino Nano Sensor Shield
  • 3 – OLED Module
  • 4 – Electromagnetic actuator
  • 2 – Metallic molds for working with carbon fiber
  • Bolts and screws in M3 and M2.5 of different lenghts
  • Bolts and screws in nylon M3 of different lengths
  • Cables, connectors and other electronic components
  • PCB manufacturing materials
  • Epoxy and other types adhesives