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Daniel Hirschmann’s Engine 26

tigoeNovember 9th, 2010


Daniel Hirschmann’s generative painting system, Engine 26, was presented at

Daniel Hirschmann with Engine 26

the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art’s Gala event in New York City recently. The piece is the latest in a series of generative painting works Daniel has developed using Processing and Arduino. Daniel used Arduino to control DMX systems for the exhibit. He’s done a number of other DMX projects, many of them Arduino-based.

For more on Engine 26, see For more on Daniel’s other work, including Tuned Stairway, an Arduino-driven musical stairway from 2006  that’s a precursor to FunTheory’s Piano Stairs, see Engine 26 will be showing at other events in the near future. If it’s near you, check it out, and buy Daniel a beer and ask him for a story or two.