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Hack In The Box 2010 MalaysiaHack In The Box 2010 MalaysiaHack In The Box 2010 Malaysia

Davide GombaOctober 27th, 2010


[Amy] wrote us about Hack In The Box conference Malaysia 2010 and the Hard Hack Village workshops about Arduino and related.

The attendees (and many speakers!) definitely enjoyed the hands-on tinkering, both at the lab and the village. We also saw a substantial number of attendees committing two hours for the Arduino lab. Echoing Amsterdam, Arduino was a great feature for HITB Malaysia this year – it was very popularly received by a highly enthusiastic HITB dotMy audience.

For now, the HITB team’s catching up on sleep. Our next conf will be in Amsterdam in May 2011 – hopefully we’ll see some of you there!

We hope so Amy. You did great though!

more cool pictures [here] via [HackInTheBoxConference]