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Android using NES controller from Android and Bluesmirf (Bluetooth)

Davide GombaSeptember 13th, 2010



In this video [sketchsk3tch] youtube user plays Super Mario on a HTC EVO, using a NES controller.

This is a project I did using an Arduino and a Bluesmirf bluetooth module so I could control my NES emulator on my EVO with an NES controller.

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I’m using a Sparkfun prototype shield which has a Bluesmirf socket.  I’ve wired up based on this page  .  Another strange thing is the Arduino code works with the controller I picked up at Defcon, but won’t work with the original NES controllers I have lying around.

I had to install Amarino on my phone.  That page also has helpful information on paring your Android and Bluesmirf.  You may notice in the video of the project I get a bluetooth error.  This is because there’s code in the Keyboard project here that tries to connect to the Bluesmirf.  I’ve had trouble with that so I just do it using the Amarino app before I launch the keyboard.  This seems to work pretty reliably.

You can see & download the code from

via [sketchsk3tch] on youtube,