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First Arduino Barcamp in Spain

dcuartiellesJuly 7th, 2010

The Spanish Arduino community gathered on July 2nd at Medialab Prado in Madrid to share experiences. This first event was streamed live over the internet and was the chance for many of us to present what we are currently working with. You can take a look at the entry on Arduino’s Playground that documents the event, as well as watch the almost 1 1/2 hour long video that came out from the event (it’s in Spanish though).

I think we -the Spanish speaking community members- should all thank coleoptero (that’s his user name in the forum) for arranging the event. He had so much to do he didn’t even get the chance to present his own work. According to the Spanish email list, there is a possibility the next Arduino Barcamp will take place in Murcia. This would be a great chance to talk Arduino on the beach!

From the Arduino team we are happy to see how the community continues building new mechanisms for meeting and sharing. Let us know how we can support you with our servers, video/picture publishing accounts, etc.