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Arduino Rocket Launcher

Davide GombaJuly 6th, 2010

A  little arduino circuit was create to ignite the rocket motors at the recent (potentially annual) NortHACKton rocketry day.

Feeling the need to create something needlessly complicated to short a battery across the ignitor of the chemical rocket motor I turned to my Arduino Mega.

I already have a dot matrix display for my Arduino and have been using it to scroll the word ‘NortHACKTon’ when we go to the NortHACKton pub meets so that those people looking for geeks in a pub know who we are ”(cos we would’t stand out enough without it )”. I figured the dot matrix could be used to provide a visual countdown and the Arduino could activate a relay which connects the 9V supply directly to the rocket and then whoosh off it goes.

via [HackedGadgets] souce [NortHACKon]