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Parallel programming, Arduino and the good kind of trouble

Davide GombaJune 17th, 2010

Parallel programmin on an Arduino? Nice interview and debate around Matt Jadud speech on upcoming OSCON conference.

Matt Jadud: The reason is that we’re trying to solve an educational problem. We look at the Arduino as a brain for things like robots or other systems that you might want to play with, that interact with the real world. And the last time I checked, the real world is always happening. Often, multiple parts of it are happening at the same time. So even if you’re watching one sensor, another is telling you something you should know about. What we’re trying to do is use languages that have been around for a long time — in our case it’s Occam — and put it in a context where we’re able to say “do this and this at the same time.” And I want to let the software handle the complexity for me and make sure everything talks to each other correctly. We’re trying to put that in more people’s hands, so they can learn about parallel solutions without having to implement them from the ground up

Read the full interview. Looking forward to se some examples in real Arduino life.

via [Baffo on Twitter] source [OreillyAnswers]