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Galleria Campari, italian advertising history + latest arduino prototypes

Davide GombaJune 16th, 2010

This is one of the most amazing project I’ve seen since some time. If you check the video of Galleria Campari you are going to notice the incredible 9 wall screen, and the huge resaerch around one of the most interesting advertising advetures in Italy, starring Fortunato Depero and many other cross-media artists of the last century. Cogitanz did  its best in this project (interaction design of the event was taken by Cogitanz with the collaboration of Massimo Banzi).

A clever use of Arduino Ethernet prototypes (yes, you’ve  read well) helped Massimo and the electronic / design skill of Cogitanz team to perform a good test on the newborn board.

more info soon. For now, visit the Galleria, or at least have a Campari.

see also [Cogitanz] and dig the Campari Flashy site to see the [Galleria Page]