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Introducing Centipede Shield

Davide GombaJune 9th, 2010

[Macegr] arduino forum user:

Finally, we have these in production! Took a lot longer than expected, due to some other urgent projects with Tangible Interaction, and Maker Faire. Anyway they’re here and I think they look great.

The Centipede Shield adds 64 general purpose digital I/O to your Arduino. By “general purpose I/O” I mean that each pin can be individually configured as an input or an output, just like the normal digital pins on an Arduino. We’ve also cooked up a library that makes it easy to talk to the Centipede Shield; the syntax very similar to the normal Arduino digital pin commands.

more info after the break

We also have some breakout boards and cables/connectors we’ll add into the store soon (visible in photo below). Will make it really easy to wire up the 64 I/O to your project or to a breadboard.

check it out on the shop, or on the forum.

[arduino forum]


One Response to “Introducing Centipede Shield”

  1. Alvaro Oliver Says:

    is this multiplexed shield?
    do we gain extra interrupts pins with this?
    can we expect any datasheet / schematic soon?

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