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Minimalist Arduino

Davide GombaJune 8th, 2010

Barebone Tuesday. Nice tutorials.

Here at the Transistor, we love the Arduino platform, so we decided to make our own Arduino Clone. The Minimalist Arduino is designed for use in permanent or custom circuits on solderless breadboards, stripboard, or custom PCBs. It contains only the bare minimum parts required for building the Arduino platform. The schematic for the board can be downloaded here (pdf). Please read all instructions on this page before assembly. The parts list is as follows, with linked manufacturer datasheets when available:

(1) ATMega328P
(1) 28-Pin DIP Socket
(1) LM7805 1A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
(1) 16.000MHz Clock Crystal
(2) 22pF Capacitor
(2) 10uF Capacitor
(2) 100nF Capacitor
(1) 10kOhm Resistor
(2) 150 Ohm Resistor
(2) Green 3mm LED

via [TheTransistor]

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