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Digital camera control using Arduino USB Host Shield

Davide GombaJune 1st, 2010

nice (and deep) intro to Arduino driving Cameras via USB.

I’m starting new series of articles describing exciting field of digital camera control. In modern cameras, USB port can be used not only for transferring images to a PC, but also for sending control commands to the camera. It is often possible to send commands which “press” the shutter button, modify shutter and aperture values, some cameras are even capable of doing focus control. At the same time, new shooting techniques, such as HDR and stacked focus, require that a photographer makes several shots, slightly modifying one or several shooting parameters from shot to shot. Even age-old time lapse technique could use some automation. Since camera manufacturers are, as always slow to implement there cool features, Arduino comes to the rescue.

via [CircuitAtHome]

3 Responses to “Digital camera control using Arduino USB Host Shield”

  1. Hector Says:

    Dear Oleg,

    I was reading your post at the blog, I need to develope an application to control a Panasonic Lumix ZS7, specially shooting and title stamp features though USB port.
    Do you know where can I find the comm. protocoll?

    Thanks in advance and congratulation for your work.

  2. panasonic Says:

    Hi admin, I’ve got a small request. I was just searching for details about the subject you published and located this post. Some great stuff you posted right here. Can I please share this particular post on my latest web site I’m creating? It would certainly be wonderful . I will come back again afterwards to find out how you replied. Regards, Conrad Tankersly

  3. Says:

    Hi Conrad.
    You better share your project on the “Exhibition” section of the Arduino Forum.

    thanks for comment


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