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Connection XBee Series 2 (AKA ZB Pro/ZNet) to an arduino

Davide GombaMay 20th, 2010

not-a-rocket-surgeon-style step-by-step Xbee Tutorial. Just to save some time if you lost your mind.

My goal was to have two xbee series 2 modules communicate to each other in a two way configuration.  I found the the various instructions on the internets to be confusing and hard to follow (but then again, I am no Rocket Surgeon).

if you are not on windows and want to fine some alternatives to XCTU, just check this nice & interesting tutorial using a python-based app to configure the Xbees. (—>thanks to Giovanni!)

via [notaRocketSurrgeon]


One Response to “Connection XBee Series 2 (AKA ZB Pro/ZNet) to an arduino”

  1. uzma Says:

    want help….
    i am using 2 arduino uno one as a base and other as the robot microcontroller..
    i want to get the output of ultrasonic sensor with the help of xbee…
    is it possible
    can i have the code for the above

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