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Badges, badges, badges

dcuartiellesMay 7th, 2010

During the Arduino Uno meeting, we were invited to visit Adafruit’s headquartes in Manhattan. We got to see where Limor spends her time answering the forums, her pick and place machine, the shelves filled up with nicely packaged kits, the view to the street (yes they have a view) and we all got some Arduino badges as a present. I felt like back in the boy-scout days and imagined putting them on top of my lab-coat. Just to scare my work mates at the art school even more 🙂

This design is made with the shape of the -now- traditional USB board. I still remember the face people made when I presented the weirdly shaped-blue board for the first time. I would like to collect all the boards having this shape in the world and publish a book about it with the title “one shape to control them all”.


Arduino Badge from Adafruit

(c) 2010 Adafruit Industries

This week I got a note from the Swedish postal service kindly inviting me to go to the strangest post office in town. So strange it is not even in town. After a 9Eur taxi ride I made it to the central that processes all the post coming to Malmo just to sign for a letter that had my name misspelled on it. I opened it to find the MultilogicaShop badges coming out. This is manufactured in Brazil and is about 6.5cm big. It feels good to get some of this Arduino gear as a reward for having to ride a cab that far.

The badge is made using the original design by Thomas Gläser that we are using for Arduino 18.


Arduino badge from MultilogicaShop

(c) 2010 MultilogicaShop

Update 20100509: I have to add that I was rising my voice not against Multilogica, it is pretty easy to misspell my family name, not even government officials in Spain know how to write it. My complaint was towards the Swedish postal service that brings packages for me to my studio 4 days out of 5 every week and they are still not getting that David Cuertielles, David Quartielles, Davit Kuartieles, etc are the very same person 🙂




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  1. mowcius Says:

    They’re really cool!

    I want an arduino one!

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