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Putting an Arduino Diecimila to Sleep & Waking Up

Davide GombaApril 26th, 2010

In this series of blogs I will be describing how to put an Arduino Diecimila into sleep mode, thus reducing the power consumption of the device. This can be quite useful (even necessary) when you are powering your Arduino via a battery and/or solar panel.

Consumption in the Arduino…

There are several devices on the Arduino Diecimila that consume battery power, including:

  • ATmega168 micro-controller
  • The power regulator

The Arduino Diecimila I have uses about 35mAmps during normal operation and in power-down sleep mode about 15mAmps. There isn’t a huge difference here, the main problem is that the power regulator draws 10mAmps, irrespective of the sleep state the Arduino is in. The ATmega168 micro-controller draws about 0.05 mAmps when in power-down sleep mode and 20mAmps during normal operation.

via [donaldmorrisey]