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OpenMoco [Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control]

Davide GombaApril 21st, 2010

[drone] about OpenMoco

It may not be obvious from the surface, but the project has really taken off.  If you pick up this month’s copy of Wired, the fetish photo was shot using the OpenMoco system, I have worked directly with that photographer to help him build a system based around OpenMoco to solve many of his studio needs.  Jay Burlage (of HDR and ‘milapse’ notoriety) joined me in the project a few months back, and has really helped increase the traction of the project with both pro and amateur shooters.

OpenMoco is one of the more complete solutions of DIY cinema/photography. A lot of informations can be found on the site (video after the break)

A stable Pan and Tilt solution for *any* camera (also low budget) is what every photographer is looking for.

Via [Arduino Forum], [OpenMoco]