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Davide GombaApril 14th, 2010

Check-out this really long blog post about a 4×4 rgb cube. Well detailed.

Normally I would probably have postponed making this thing, but then I spotted an arduino contest at I thought I could have a chance. The deadline was november 15th I believe it was, so I had two weeks to complete it… Well, I completely blew that timeline


I kind of suspected it as the deadline got closer. But then I had started, and I was actually progressing with this thing. So I continued making it even after the deadline had expired. I was kind of finished at mid-december, except I still had (and have) some programming left to do. I would also want to make a nicer physical finish on it some time, but for now this is what I’ve been able to do with what I have.

via [cubeduino]

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