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VirtualBreadBoard opens to Arduino

Davide GombaApril 8th, 2010

Some days ago Virtual BreadBoard was presented on the Arduino Forum. Check this video (please avoid comments about the soundtrack: I have my own theory about electronic geeks and music).

VBB now has support for the Standard Arduino board and supports Arduino code development within VBB itself so you can instantly run your code on Virtual Hardware without programming which saves time – especially if you dont have the real hardware yet.

Naturally there are a few limitations which I will follow up on in a later post/s and not all the libraries are supported but I am hoping the Arduino community takes an interest in VBB and encourages them to be added.

VBB is FREE  but it does only run on windows so it might not be for everyone .

There is alot more to be said but for now please feel free to download and have a play with the built in Arduino examples for starters.

A lot of Forum users asked whether the Linux/Mac port is going to be early in the year

As a .net application the roadmap for porting to linux is the Mono platform.

Having said that there a big pieces needed for VBB that Mono is missing which require refactoring/re-implementation or (more pragmatically) just waiting until the Mono team fill in those blanks.

read this other forum thread which has some additional notes for installation and using VBB.

via [Arduino Forum]