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Open Source Circuit Boards using RepRap Technology

Davide GombaMarch 22nd, 2010

You you have ever wondered how to make double sided circuit boards at home and without all the chemicals, here’s the video for you. There is a big effort to increase the number of parts the RepRap can make for itself. why not circuit boards?

[…]…I couldn’t wait. For the last six months I have been building a larger, tougher, cnc / mill for milling circuit boards. The printed part count is low. I was only able to print the bearings and motor couplings. However, it is still a RepRap in spirit… if I can be so bold. The electronics are Gen 2, with an Arduino at the heart, and the firmware and host are variants of the RepRap firm and host.

After finding most of the ways not to do it I am finally getting high resolution, repeatable, double sided, drilled and scored, boards. Here is an opto endstop 2.1 board that recently came off my “tough” cnc.[…]

gavilan ends up his post with the hope that the lessons I’ve learned through making my own circuit boards will eventually lead to a true RepRap solution.

We DO all share the same hope.

via [reprapbuilders]