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NYC Meetup — last post, I swear!

tigoeMarch 20th, 2010

After the meetup tonight, we’ll be having beers in the East Village Ryan’s Irish Pub at 151 Second Avenue between 9th and 10th.  We’ll be there from about 8 PM. So if you didn’t RSVP for the meetup before it filled up, come out and join us for a pint this evening at Ryan’s.


2 Responses to “NYC Meetup — last post, I swear!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Thanks for hosting a great event. It was a lot of fun to get together with other enthusiasts and see an interesting and widely varied spectrum of ideas and projects. ITP was a fun location and the ITP community were great hosts.

    Thanks again for being an inspiration for me to get my soldering iron and parts out of their dusty box after almost 30 years of neglect.

  2. Bryan Jenkins Says:

    the soldering iron that i use is employing a ceramic heating element*-*

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