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Motoruino is the new Arduino for creative robotics

Davide GombaMarch 9th, 2010

Nice Arduino-Motor PCB made by Guilherme Martins and his friend David Palma

Still looking for a Buy button somewhere in the site.  Maybve we’ll have to wait for the next black batch to be produced for that 😉

main features of the board:

– easy to use, understand, play with;
– must be a plug-and-roll board;
– to be suitable with shields, and with regular Arduino Diecimilla/Duemillanove boards;
– the usage of the H-Bridge is open, i.e., there aren’t any Arduino output pins assigned, the user can use the bridge the way he/she wants;
– motors supply and PWM pins might be used with external voltage or regulated 5 volts
– motors have 3 different connectos, screws terminals, male headers, JST connectors
– two possible FTDI/USB connections available

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