Wireless Robotics Platform: Cheap R/C Vehicle + Arduino + XBee + Processing

Davide GombaMarch 5th, 2010

Wow. I definetly have to check this step by step guide to build your own Processing-controlled car.
Toy Hacking is one of the best way to learn how to deal with little hardware. Very well detailed.

Some Features:

    via [NootropicDesign]
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  • All logic controlling the vehicle is performed in a Processing program running on remote computer. The Arduino program listens for commands from the remote computer.
  • Bi-directional wireless communication over XBee radios with (theoretical) 1-mile range. I’ve accomplished 1/4 mile range with these radios.
  • Sensor events are transmitted from the vehicle to the controlling computer. This vehicle has 3 microswitches – two on front bumper and one at the rear.
  • Original circuitry of vehicle replaced with dual H-Bridge circuit to control drive motor and turn motor. Drive motor is controlled with variable speed.
  • Power: Vehicle motors powered by 4 AA batteries. Arduino with XBee shield powered by 9V battery mounted at front of vehicle.
  • Simple communications protocol: 2 byte commands from controller to vehicle, one byte sensor readings from vehicle to controller.
  • 3 Responses to “Wireless Robotics Platform: Cheap R/C Vehicle + Arduino + XBee + Processing”

    1. Rhiegn Says:

      Hi.. can you give the step by step process on how you did this.. i’m amaze on this project so i want to try to make this.. thanks..

    2. d.gomba@arduino.cc Says:

      Hi Rhiegn.
      You can find it here


    3. uzma Says:

      hey your post is ausum…
      i want to do the same but i thought of using ultrasonic sensor…for distance ranging…so can you help me with the codes…
      i want to control the vehicle with my voice(vrbot)..will it work??
      also i would like to ask weather it is necessary to have different xbee module…
      i am really excited about this as this is my first project….really grateful for your further help on this..
      thank you:))))))

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