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Simple Binary Clock for Arduino

Davide GombaMarch 3rd, 2010

Binary clock using Arduino.

If someone wants to make the circuit all it is is each LED is connected to a digital pin from 1-13, and 2 tact switches connected to analog 0 and 5. The LED numbers are the right most column bottom LED is LED 1 and counts up. The next column over would be LED 5 and counts up and so on.

here’s the code.
Via [HackThePlanetNow]
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8 Responses to “Simple Binary Clock for Arduino”

  1. jason Says:

    Hey thanks for posting my tutorial on your site. Just a side not if you notice at the end of the video the bottom light is not on but the one above it. It turns out it was not a coding mistake but just a simple wiring mess up. Dont forget to go to and subscribe to RSS

  2. d.g. Says:

    Already subscribed. Thanks. Nice tutorial. Are you planning to make others?
    cheers Davide

  3. Ryan Says:

    Can you explain a bit better how the buttons are connected?

  4. Bob Says:

    Where is the code ?

  5. Says:

    you can download the code from the code link. It works (I’ve just checked back…)

    thanks for commenting, Davide.

  6. physical computing 1 : light & time final project « kate watkins @ parsons Says:

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  7. Lewis Says:

    I have tried creating this clock using the coding provided but trying to do this without incorperating the buttons, and when i run the code the board is just counting up in seconds? any help?

  8. josh Says:

    i agree with Lewis. it just counts seconds with out buttons. i tried using a simple push button(always open) with the pull up resistor as in the picture. i also tried just simple wires as my button. a schematic would be nice. if any body knows a schematic to this project that would be awesome.

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