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OpenEnergyMonitor – Documentation finished for the whole home energy monitor

Davide GombaFebruary 16th, 2010

Over the Top:
The project Top: The display, Middle: The main unit with CT sensor, Voltage sensing, USB datalogging… Bottom: Ethernet unit for internet connectivity, Very Bottom: graphs

The energy monitor is working away logging energy consumption data, giving some informative readouts and nice looking graphs! there’s more about it in the blog post here and the documentation here.

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  1. Samuel Carlisle Says:

    Same lab, same beautiful setting, more engineers, more beer. The open energy monitor group have joined forces with the Nanode team (open source arduino with inbuilt ethernet). We are doing it all over again! Expect cool shit. Let the hacking and the good times roll. Here is the photo album of the event so far:
    We are co-ordinating dev from here:

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