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TV-B-Gone for the Arduino

Davide GombaFebruary 12th, 2010

Digging around Ken Shirrifs’ Blog I discorver another interesting post: the porting of the TV-B-Gone on Arduino (not using the IR library – check why).
Here’s the sketch. Check and congratulate with the author.Tag Technorati: , , ,


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  1. Ken Shirriff Says:

    Hi. Thanks for writing a blog post about my TV-B-Gone port to the Arduino. It’s a good question why I didn’t use my IR library for the TV-B-Gone port. The main reason is that my library is designed to send particular codes for particular controller protocols. The TV-B-Gone code stores its data as a bunch of send/don’t-send timings for many different remote formats (including ones I don’t support). I could have used my library’s “raw” format to send this data, but it didn’t seem worth using my library when the TV-B-Gone code already had its own sending routines.


  2. Says:

    Hi Ken.
    Thanks for commenting and answering about TV-B-Gone.


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