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Open Educational Games

dcuartiellesNovember 2nd, 2009

(c) 2009 K3, School of Arts and Communication, Malmo University

(c) 2009 C. Siggelin & J. Lundgren, K3, School of Arts and Communication

Yet another prototyping course comes to an end at K3, the School of Arts at Malmo University. This time we have spent some weeks creating open educational games. The goal was producing Processing-Arduino based interactive educational tools that could be reused by any secondary school to teach kids about issues that go from the small scale of human reproduction to the large scale of weather simulation.

The results are going to be shown publicly tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd at K3’s cafeteria. There will be no entrance fee. All the projects will be introduced by their authors and drinks will be served.

All the projects are open source, and once the course has been evaluated after tomorrow’s exhibition at K3, it will be possible to get the code from this website. There you can already find the description to each one of the projects, some screenshots, and pictures of the simple controls built with Arduino, potentiometers, pushbuttons, and such. Nothing complicated to bring the kids closer to knowledge.

(c) 2009 R. Rundkvist & Jo. Opasiak School of Arts and Communication

(c) 2009 R. Rundkvist & J. Opasiak, K3, School of Arts and Communication