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Life Cycle Assessment of Duemilanove

tigoeApril 13th, 2009

Caroline Brown, an ITP student in Jennifer Van der Meer’s class, is trying to do a life cycle assessment on the Duemilanove, to determine its environmental impact.  I think it’s an interesting idea, since I’ve never seen an LCA done on a module like the Arduino. I’ve seen a few on commercial products, but never on development tools.

She’s currently collecting info on how you use your boards and how long they stay in use. If you’re interested, her survey is online here. It’s anonymous.

This is a very short project she’s doing (only a few weeks long), so the results may not be conclusive, but nevertheless, I hope it’ll reveal enough about the environmental impact to delve into more assessment in the future. It’d be great to learn something about how to minimize the impact of what we do.

5 Responses to “Life Cycle Assessment of Duemilanove”

  1. Caroline Brown » Archive » Arduino Lifespan Survey Says:

    […] noted on the Arduino blog, I’m gathering some usage data to support a Life Cycle Assessment of the Duemilanove. The […]

  2. Michael Randall Says:

    The survey appears to be closed already, and I didn’t see details on how to find the results at the survey link. I would like to see “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.

  3. tigoe Says:

    I’ll check with the student running it, but I don’t think it’s closed intentionally. When she sends me the results I’ll post them here.

  4. Caroline Says:

    The survey closed automatically when I reached 100 responses. I’ve posted a copy of the survey here: Thanks for helping me out!

  5. jilsons16 Says:

    Hello Caroline , im working on the LCA for Ardunio Uno , so is it possible to find your research on Google so that we could use it for reference.

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