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Arduino + XKCD

tigoeDecember 24th, 2008

Arduino’s shown up in some unusual places, but this XKCD cartoon‘s the most random I’ve seen.  Thanks Randall for the mention. I think Cory Doctorow is in one of the composite-numbered panels.




4 Responses to “Arduino + XKCD”

  1. Bastiaan Says:

    Yeah, I’ve actually had an Arduino Diecimila sublimate on me in a previous prototype. It seems this is a recurring problem, you guys should look in to this.

  2. massimo Says:


    We’ll be happy to look into it if you had posted anything about it on the forum in
    the “hardware” section.

    Why do you say it’s a recurring problem? Can you point me to any evidence supporting your statement? actually the Arduino is a very robust platform.


  3. Bastiaan Says:

    Hello Massimo,

    I hope you realise that I was joking about an Arduino sublimating. It is chemically very unlikely for a PCB and electronic components to sublimate during normal use.

    I love the Arduino platform, and I’m glad it’s finding its way into new parts of culture every day.

  4. Nicola Says:

    Wow, this is great! Arduino and XKCD finally together! when i saw today’s comic, i run to the arduino site to post the news, but obviously it was already there! 🙂

    Long live XKCD and Arduino, the best platform i’ve dealt with 🙂

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