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Wii, iPhone and Arduino date RC car

dcuartiellesDecember 23rd, 2008

Sounds like a strange dinner with the weirdest guests ever, but it is a project from showing an RC car controlled from different devices where Arduino takes care of hacking the controller. Take a look at their video and enjoy.

hardcode's guys during their first video

screenshot from hardcode's first video


3 Responses to “Wii, iPhone and Arduino date RC car”

  1. CanuckFan Says:

    Wow. You are having way too much fun. Can’t wait for some tips on how you connect these various controllers together, like the mod to the transmitter to listen to the Arduino!

  2. Mick Staugaard Says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we finally released the next episode of this series. Episode 3 is also in the can and should be out soon.

    Check it out at

  3. Tom Says:

    HI love what you have done. Have no idea where to start with at programing of the arduino HELP.

    Got the wiimote interacting with computer but thats it.

    Do you guys have a website or somewhere to talk about this.


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