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dcuartiellesOctober 21st, 2008

The Arduino story has been written by Clive Thompson, one of the Wired Magazine reporters. Check the full story here. The article, titled “Build It. Share It. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware Work?”  reviews several hardware projects under the umbrella of the Open Source philosophy.

Arduino opens the story and includes probably the funkiest pictures ever taken on (some of) us. The online version shows a picture of the Diecimila board, together with some nice shots of related projects: WineM coaster, Snail Light Seeker, the interactive embroidery mentioned in this blog, and Botanicalls. Congratulations to all of you that got featured in the article.

picture of Wired Magazine article on Open Source Hardware, October 2008

Tom sent this picture of the printed article, both him and Dave are not in the pictures since they couldn’t come to Milano for the photo-shoot. Hopefully for the 10th anniversary we can all be there.

Tom also reported back from Maker Faire where he could get one of Massimo’s newly printed books. Seems like this should be marked as “Arduino’s week” in our calendar for the coming years. Since Tom didn’t make it to the pictures on Wired, I feel like I gotta post him while at MF.

picture of Tom Igoe, Maker Faire, October 2008

PS. Guys, this is a far as my imagination could go when it comes to being mentioned on print … well, this one and the British encyclopedia, but we aren’t into it yet, or am I wrong?