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Arduway – and Arduino2Lego

dcuartiellesOctober 8th, 2008

Arduino.poet, the name he has chosen for our forum, posted some days ago a movie to his latest project. This Segway-like robot is able of standing up for some time running on a couple of Lego motors controlled by one Arduino board reading data from a Gyroscope.

video (c) 2008 by arduino.poet, also known as arduino2lego on

The project has also a library of code attached to it. You can find it on Sourceforget as the arduino2lego project. It is generating a very interesting discussion in our foum, visit it if you want to be participate.

The project has been featured in Gizmodo and Hackaday among others. It has brought both the best and the worst out of commentators. From “it is not stable enough” to “at our school the students will be building this next year, with exactly the same parts”.

In my personal opion (and here I don’t represent the rest of the Arduino team) it is pretty amazing to come out with this project, share it with others, and wait to get critique. Those that just speak aloud praising the goods of all the other projects should try to make it themselves first. Arduino is about making it and helping others to make it. So from my side arduino.poet gets 10 points out of 10.