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dcuartiellesMay 29th, 2008

Jessica Bjermer has specialized in an interesting field within Interaction Desgin: toy design through laser-reflections with mirrors. Her last two projects have been dealing precisely with this subject and her results are just amazing.

Her first prototype (developed together with Jörgen Harre) was in essence some kind of bull’s-eye but with laser beams. Her final project is a two-player battle game where players compete to get to the red-colored target in the amount of reflections determined by a dice. The time the laser beam is running is controlled by an Arduino Diecimila. There are two types of pieces: the white ones have the ability of reflecting in 120 degrees angles, the black ones just 60 degrees.

You can download the poster explaining this game here (sorry only in Swedish, yet). All the materials shown are copyright by Jessica Bjermer, except for the second game shown in the next picture, where she shares authorship with Jörgen Harre.

Jessica’s stand at K3’s End Of Year show 2008, courtesy of the author