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Arduino Nano: all-in-one design for breadboard use

David MellisMay 15th, 2008

Arduino Nano on a breadboard.

The new Arduino Nano is the smallest and most versatile Arduino board yet. Designed and manufactured by US-based Gravitech, it has all the functionality of an Arduino Diecimila in a compact, breadboard-ready design. The Nano includes an ATmega168 microcontroller (w/ bootloader), integrated USB (FTDI chip) w/ Mini-B jack, a full complement of i/o pins (including two more analog inputs than the Diecimila), an ICSP programming header, and on-board regulator. Measuring 0.73″ x 1.70″, it’s smaller and cheaper than the combination of Arduino Mini and Mini-USB adapter, and you can get started without any wires. We’re excited to be offering this new, breadboard-ready form factor with the integrated convenience of the Arduino Diecimila.

The Arduino Nano is available for pre-order. Order now and get 10% off; boards will ship on the 16th of June.


12 Responses to “Arduino Nano: all-in-one design for breadboard use”

  1. Jonathan Czeck Says:

    Yahoo! I just found out about Arduino and immediately ordered one of these. Aren’t I lucky. 🙂 Or am I unlucky because I have to wait a month…

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  3. cinnamonbear’s diary Says:

    [Arduino]Arduino Nano…

    Mini ??????????????Mini ?USB???????????????? Arduino Nano ????????????Adafruits ?????? USB Boarduino ??????????????? Arduin…

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  5. oli Says:

    This ATmega168 board is even smaler:

  6. pdrift Says:

    I am new to electronics and would like to learn micro controllers. Would this be
    a good board to use to learn on? And what kind of cool things can I make with this?

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  9. Stefano Sanna Says:

    Can’t wait to get hands on it! 🙂

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  11. Binu Says:

    Nice chip want to work it soon.

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