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People, workshops, and Arduinos

dcuartiellesApril 29th, 2008

There are many workshops these days where Arduino is used as one of the tools for open development. This week I want to make a quick note on the one made by the people from (BCN, Spain) at Laboral Centro de Arte in Gijon (Spain). The title was TOUCH and they made a revision of different technologies dealing with the sense of touch. Of course Arduino and the classic Qprox sensors were part of the deal, but also important projects like the Reactable (this project is hot indeed) developed at the MTG in Barcelona, the DIY Multitouch interfaces, and others were presented and prototyped during a week of hacking, fun, and Spanish meals.

workshop in Laboral Centro de Arte

Picture from one of the examples at the workshop (courtesy of Alex Posada)

If you are interested in the full workshop’s program from Laboral Centro de Arte, you should check this link.