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RepRap chooses Arduino for future developments.

David MellisMarch 30th, 2008

The RepRap project just announced the selection of Arduino for the next stage of their efforts to build a self-replicating rapid prototyping machine. We’re flattered and excited to have Arduino playing a part in such a cool project. Kudos to Zach “Hoeken” Smith for persevering through some mysterious bugs to get this working.

The RepRap site has more details about their Arduino-based electronics system.

3 Responses to “RepRap chooses Arduino for future developments.”

  1. Stefan (Stefans Blog) Says:

    That sounds really cool! I like the idea to combine this two projects. Congrats for the power of Arduino!

  2. Arduino – das neue Gehirn von RepRap Says:

    […] Arduino-Blog, […]

  3. Riccardo Says:

    Congratulation guys!
    I just started moving my fist steps on Arduino but I’ve been following from a distance both this project and RepRap… I’m quite excited about the possibilities that this cooperation can bestow 🙂

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