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Home automation blossoms with Arduino’s Plant Watering Kit

Arduino TeamJanuary 31st, 2023
Plant watering kit to set up an automated irrigation system for your plants

Love your plants, but also have a life? If you work long hours, travel often or just can’t be tied down to a regular schedule, the Arduino Plant Watering Kit is for you.

It’s a complete kit with all the components you need to set up an automated mini irrigation system that will unfailingly water your favorite pothus, spider plant or monstera on a regular schedule. 

There’s more: the humidity sensor in the kit connects to the Cloud so you can monitor soil moisture on-the-go from your computer or phone, via a custom dashboard.

This means you can trigger manual watering on a particularly hot day or skip a routine activation if not needed. Over time, you might even gain useful insight about your plants’ water requirements and fine-tune the best schedule for each one, from cacti to ferns. 

The whole project is simple to put together and easy to use: a perfect solution to make your plants happy and feel empowered at the same time.

The Plant Watering Kit might be your first taste of home automation, leading to more ambitious projects – why not connect all of your plants, create a smart greenhouse, or explore other areas of the house where IoT can make your life easier? 

Whether you want plants off your mind or wish they could just tell you exactly how much water they need, check out the new kit on the Arduino Store.

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