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Are you ready to go back to the future?

Arduino TeamNovember 3rd, 2022
arduino Make Your UNO Kit header

Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is finally here

The first Arduino UNO was launched back in 2005, with a clear purpose to allow everyone who had an idea to make it possible through a simple and open interface.

Many years have passed, technology has evolved, but we never forgot that initial thrill that came from opening up countless possibilities to so many makers.

The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is the natural extension of a story that will shape the makers of tomorrow, a step in the past to move forward in a brilliant future.

Make your UNO Kit details

The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is a 3×1 experience in which the user learns the basics of electronics, gets familiar with soldering, and finally builds a synth with the included shield and upcycled packaging.

The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit experience is unique: you’ll be able to build an Arduino UNO from scratch, assembling every component, and familiarizing yourself with circuits and electronics. 

A complete online guide with a 3D viewer makes it easy and fun to follow, even for an absolute beginner. Never soldered before? No worries, a practice PCB is included to test and improve your soldering skills! There’s a debugger to check your board functions properly once it’s been assembled.

Make Your UNO Kit unboxing

There’s even a white space on the back of the board to show who it belongs to, adding to the truly personalized experience!

Make your UNO Kit details

After the learning, comes the fun part — the unique nature of Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is not just from the assembly. At the end of the process, you’ll have in your hands a full functioning synthesizer to create tunes to your own individual beat.

Make your UNO Kit Synth

The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is also the very first of a series of more sustainable production: the packaging comes in FSC certified paper, and converts into the container for the synth. Plus, even the practice solder board can be readily used as a keychain to minimize waste.

Make your UNO Kit box

Whether you are a beginner, a passionate maker, or a curious musician, the Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is the perfect gift for a 100% fun guaranteed experience (treating yourself is allowed)!

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