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Meet the new MKRZero, the power of the Zero in a smaller board!

Arduino TeamDecember 13th, 2016

Say hello to the newest member of the Arduino family! The MKRZero–now available on our stores at the price of $21.90/€20.90 (+ tax)–shrinks the functionality of the Arduino Zero down into an Arduino MKR1000 form factor, making it a great educational tool for learning about 32-bit application development.

Like the Zero, the latest board is based on a Microchip SAM D21 ARM Cortex®-M0+ MCU. An integrated SD connector with dedicated SPI interfaces (SPI1) allows you to play with files without any extra hardware, while an analog converter enables you to monitor its battery voltage.

The MKRZero’s features in a nutshell:

  • small form factor
  • number crunching capability
  • low power consumption
  • integrated battery management
  • USB host
  • integrated SD management
  • programmable SPI, I2C and UART

Interested? You can explore the MKRZero in more detail, including its technical documentation, via the links below:

On the software side:

  • If you use the Arduino IDE, you will need to add the new Intel SAMD Core, selecting Tools menu, then Boards, and last Boards Manager on the Arduino Software (IDE).
  • If you use Arduino Web Editor, everything is already updated!

Watch out music makers, we’ve got some news for you! We have released two libraries for your enjoyment:

  • Arduino Sound library – a simple way to play and analyze audio data using Arduino on SAM D21-based boards.
  • I2S library – to use the I2S protocol on SAMD21-based boards. For those who don’t know, I2S (Inter-IC Sound) is an electrical serial bus interface standard for connecting digital audio devices.

Buy a brand new Arduino MKRZero now!

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11 Responses to “Meet the new MKRZero, the power of the Zero in a smaller board!”

  1. franticnine Says:

    I am definitely going to buy this soon.

  2. Dirk67 Says:

    Interesting board …
    in the schematics there is a “J8”-connector (for SWD debug ?),
    but on the board there’s no such connector “J8” (?)

  3. Dirk67 Says:

    The ATmel crypto-chip (in the schematic U4) “ATECC508A” is NOT on the final board as well ?

  4. hjroh0315 Says:

    I’d like to see it in the Genuino family.

  5. hjroh0315 Says:

    Wait. Was that the ESLOV Core?

  6. a_guadalupi Says:

    1) The SWD connector is on the back on the board as a DNP component. You can contact it soldering wires or an SMD ICSP like connector (2.54mm pitch 2×3);
    2) The cryptochip is a DNP component at the moment;

  7. Dirk67 Says:

    aah thanks, I see …
    and this 6 pins are for SWD* only ?
    not for SPI like on my original Zero board ?

    Can I connect my “ATMEL ICE” (flasher/debugger) there ?

  8. a_guadalupi Says:

    On the Zero actually you have the standard ICSP and a non populated JTAG connector.
    Yes only SWD and of course you can use the Atmel ICE do flash it and debug. At the moment there is this bug but we are working on it

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