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Arduino on Linux Format

dcuartiellesMay 3rd, 2008
linux format #105 cover

Cover to Linux Format #105

Imagine my surprise when looking for the latest edition of 2600 at my local magazine store and suddenly seeing the word “Arduino” at one of the headers of the magazines on the shelf. This happened just a month ago, it was Linux Format, one of the UK classics in reviewing distros, new OS software, etc.

Graham Morrison is writing a series of articles on how to build some stuff based in the use of Arduino. In their issue #100 Paul Hudson, LF’s editor, made this article on how to get started with Arduino on Linux. Must say that the first time I ran an Arduino workshop on purely the Linux platform was at Riereta in Barcelona in February 2006. During 5 endless nights I learned in my own flesh about the problems behind having 14 people accounting 8 different distros at once. Some people spent two nights just figuring out how to install Java in their machines (at the time, Sun’s Java was still not GPL’ed, it wouldn’t be until November’06).

first page of the article

First page of the article by Graham Morrison on Linux Format #105

I believe that the effort made since that workshop by all of us -the community of users and developers- has made possible that a general purpose journal like Linux Format started publishing articles on hardware hacking concentrating in the use of Arduino. Thanks guys, keep the good work, we like your style.

Do you know about other publications or books showing some Arduino related materials? You can send us some links and -if you are editing them- prints to review.


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  1. penguinator Says:

    The Arduino was mentioned in the latest issue of Electronic Musician as well! In an article about the Monome and some other controller like the Monome some guy had built based on the Arduino!!

  2. dcuartielles Says:

    Just got this article recommended:

    I am not surprised our servers are going bananas … with these people linking us 😀

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