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Enjoy images and sound on your Arduino Robot – video tutorial

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Arduino Robot

Some days ago RS Components published the 5th and last video in a series of 5 video tutorials about Arduino Robot. After learning how to get started, to remotely control the robot, avoid obstacles and follow lines, you can now learn how to use the TFT screen to deal with images and how to make music and listen to it with the Robot.

In the video below David  and Xun show examples and give your tips on how to navigate through these features: (more…)

Logo and Remote control your Arduino Robot – Video tutorial

Friday, October 18th, 2013



RS Components released the second video focused on the first steps with the Arduino Robot with Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles and Xun Yang:

In this video you will see where to find code examples on the IDE. The robot library comes with two folders named “learn” and “explore” with examples on how to use the software to program the top board – this is the board you will mainly interact with while the motor board runs its original firmware.

One of the first examples of coding on the Arduino Robot is called “LOGO” which is very similar to an early educational programming language that controlled a virtual turtle moving across the screen with simple instructions. This time however, instead of having a small virtual turtle running on a screen, we have a robot that can respond to commands demonstrating a basic example of movement.

“LOGO” invites users to interact with the robot using the keypad to tell the robot whether to move forwards/backwards or to turn left/right. The program can store a series of commands that will then be executed one at a time. (more…)

Making noise with Arduino- Workshop at IDEO NYC

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


(originally posted on Makezine)

Dario Buzzini and I have been friends since we met at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea several years ago. Ever since, we have worked together on interaction design projects for different clients. While visiting NYC for World Maker Faire last month, we organized a free open workshop for 25 participants at the IDEO NYC office (where Dario works)  focused on creating sounds and music.

Make Some Noise” was a short, one-day workshop about Arduino where we explored the topic of sound and it was aimed at complete beginners with no experience. To simplify the structure of the workshop we started with hands-on experiments composed by a quick set of exercises to enable the participants to understand the basics and, later on, to start exploring pitch, frequency, tone, and multiple effects—with quite curious results (see videos below)!


Arduino Robot video tutorials: RS Components does it again!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

RSComponents - ArduinoRobot

Last year, Arduino and RS Components, collaborated in the creation of 10 video tutorials focused on the Arduino Starter Kit. Some months ago they were released in Creative Commons and are available also on our Youtube channel.

During Maker Faire Rome, at the beginning of October, RS Components together with Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles, unveiled the release of other five exclusive video tutorials introducing the Arduino Robot and exploring various characteristics of this new open-source hardware on wheels.

How to make a pneumatic flight simulator

Friday, August 30th, 2013


Arduino-Pneumatic Flight Simulator

Dominick Lee is a programmer, inventor who created the  “LifeBeam Flight Simulator“, a pneumatic-powered dual-axis motion flight simulator  using Arduino Duemilanove. After a few months of diligent work and the help of some generous collaborators he was able to mix physics, robotic and aviation into a motion platform that can make full rotations tilting at about 40 degrees.

The LifeBeam Flight Simulator is a full setup of equipment that runs simultaneously and collaboratively. The data is first sent from the Graphics or “Gaming PC”  through a custom software program that acquires game data. The game data is scaled and converted into specific coordinates for the roll and pitch (X and Y) axis. The program sends out the final signal which is received by an Arduino (Duemilanove). The Arduino has a complex program on it that combines the serial commands and parses certain values to calculate a voltage which is then converted into PWM and sent to a low-pass filter which smoothes the PWM into analog voltage. The analog voltage is connected to a Pneumatic Valve Amplifier which controls the pneumatic cylinders to make the platform move accordingly.

After watching the video below you can read the whole documentation on Instructables and make one yourself!



ArduinoTour in Singapore! See you on August 3rd and 4th

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Workshop in Singapore


It’s been a while now we have been testing and bringing ArduinoTour Workshops all over Italy and – here and there – around Europe. And we are happy to inform you that this powerful workshop format is soon landing in Singapore on August the 3rd-4th, hosted by The Hub Singapore, a cool co-working space willing to spread the Arduino word within its walls and beyond.

During the 2-day workshop participants will learn the basics of Arduino (what we call the Arduino Alphabet) and  have the chance to see it in action on different scenarios. They will produce their own project using the Arduino Starter Kit given to the workshop attendees.

The ArduinoTour is a way to meet & share experiences. For this reason it’s traditionally opened by a public presentation of Arduino which is going to happen on friday the 2nd of August at 7:00 PM at the-Hub. (download hi-res flyer)

Book your participation now and join the Arduino world.



Workshop Arduino alla Fondazione Achille Castiglioni – ultimi posti!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Tinker lamp

Sabato e domenica prossimi presso la Fondazione Achille Castiglioni a Milano, Massimo Banzi terrà un workshop dal titolo “Arduino e la luce” in cui i partecipanti realizzeranno la Tinker Lamp (nelle foto) fabbricata digitalmente e disegnata dallo studio Habits, resa interattiva tramite Arduino.

Il ricavato del workshop andrà alla Fondazione Achille Castiglioni.

Ci sono ancora alcuni posti disponibili! Prenotatevi qui entro venerdì 14 alle 14.

L’Arduino Tour fa tappa a Verona: presentazione + workshop!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Verona Arduino tour

Dal 19 al 21 aprile Arduino atterra a Verona e aggiunge una nuova tappa dopo  Matera, Reggio Emilia e Milano.

Il venerdì 19 potrete assistere  alla presentazione pubblica (dalle 18) del progetto Arduino e nel weekend due giorni di full immersion per imparare a muovere i primi passi con gli oggetti interattivi.

L’iniziativa è  promossa e ospitata da The Fab e TheCollective e si svolgerà presso TheFab in Vicoletto Valle n. 2, Verona.

I partecipanti al workshop avranno tra le mani e poi si porteranno a casa il nuovo Starter Kit, di cui potete leggere la recensione su Domusweb, così da continuare a casa le sperimentazioni: tutti sono benvenuti al workshop perchè non è richiesta alcuna precedente conoscenza di programmazione o di elettronica.

Se siete della zona intorno Verona questo è il momento di attivarvi e prenotare uno dei posti a disposizione nello shop!


Ultimi posti per il workshop di Arduino a Milano

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Arduino Starter Kit - photo by Monica Tarocco - thanx to DomusWeb


Il prossimo weekend a Milano è il momento dell’Arduino Tour, una serie di tappe iniziate nel 2012 per portare in giro per l’Italia il  team  di Officine Arduino e coinvolgendo designer, artiste, appassionati e smanettoni in una full immersion sul nostro microprocessore preferito.

In realtà il workshop di questo tour che avverrà proprio sabato e domenica prossimi a Milano (23/24 febbraio – Iscriviti qui), non ha come protagonista un semplice Arduino. Infatti i partecipanti avranno tra le mani e poi si porteranno a casa il nuovo Starter Kit, recentemente recensito su Domusweb (grazie ad Antonio Scarponi!) e di cui potete vedere qualche foto qui:


L’aspetto interessante di questa due giorni è di introdurre alle gioie di Arduino assoluti principianti: chiunque é benvenuto a partecipare al workshop perchè non è richiesta alcuna precedente conscenza di programmazione o di elettronica. E nonostante la loro pazienza e passione nell’accompagnarvi nei vostri primi passi, non rimpiangerete i due docenti del corso quando tornerete a casa perchè il Kit è corredato da un libro di tutorial a prova di absolute beginner e online sono disponibili  una serie di video tutorial in cui Massimo Banzi in persona vi spiega come portare a termine la maggior parte dei progetti raccontati nel volume.



Se abitate a Milano e dintorni, avete voglia di capire in prima persona cosa significa creare progetti interattivi e toccare con mano l’ebbrezza di far blinkare un LED, prenotate uno degli ultimi posti rimasti!


#RepRap Workshop a Officine Arduino

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
What a Printer!

Picture from Josef Prusa’s Flickr Photostream

We are happy to announce the upcoming Josef Prusa’s and Alessandro Ranellucci’s workshop @ Officine Arduino / Fablab Torino, on February 16th and 17th. This two days workshop will cover the making & fine-tuning of the latest Prusa I3 with Prusa nozzle AND Ranellucci’s how-to slic3r lesson on Sunday.

If you ever want to jump on the reprap world, this may be the best opportunity. If you don’t feel like buying the printer but just want to follow the workshop taking notes & make questions, we do also offer a spectator admittance.

The workshop is part of the celebration of the first year of Officine Arduino and Fablab, soon more details about the complete program (stay tuned).

read the full description of the workshop on the [Arduino Store] or read the (italian) post on the fablabtorino website.