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ATmega 328 based Video Game Project developed in Honduras

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

[Luis] created this game he built using an ATmega 328 microcontroller.

His game is the first video-game system made in Honduras (as he lives there). The news was spread from several local newspapers or TV programs.

“This is a monochrome game with monaural sound I created using an atmega328. The circuit has 3 MCUs (One for composite video, the IR receiver de-codifier, and the last one for sound) and 3 LEDs (R-G-B LEDs) that turn on depending on some events of the game.

The controller has an atmega168, an infrared light emitter diode that transmits the signal to the game, and also uses an Memsic 2125 accelerometer.”

Via  [trickFist] [intelSath]

Arduino Assisted Mind-Controlled TV Using EEG

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I have finally gotten around to re-writing some of my old code and re-recording a proper demo of controlling physical objects using thoughts by interfacing an EEG headset with an Arduino. While this technology is interesting and exciting, before anyone sees this as an endorsement for this particular EEG headset, I strongly recommend reading my full review of the device below. Those of you who have no interest in purchasing such a device can simply enjoy the show  ;) .

We’ve always wanted a remote of the TV-remote. [Paul] realized a mind-controlled TV-Remote which turns out to be more demanding (as we see from the video) in terms of concetration & stress, than his classical step-brother.

Nice EEG headset hack. I wonder how difficoult is to port the usb dongle directly to the Arduino. Check the IR library Paul used.

Read Paul full entry for a nice &  full review of the device below.

Via [killerprojects]

Build a High-Speed Laser-Triggered Photography Rig to Capture Split Second Exposures

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Interesting photo rig from belgian photographer fotoopa (which, we hear, as “foto opa,” means something like “photo grandpa” in Dutch).

Those tho arms have infrared lasers which act as a trigger for the shutter. With such a rig wou can’t miss the right moment to tak ethe picture. You can visit this link below to see his technical schematics and diagrams, along with photos of him constructing the rig. If you have no intention of building such an elaborate rig, we’d still suggest taking a peek at his galleries.

 You can view his insect gallery here and his water droplets gallery here.

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Arduino All Stars – The Complete IR Library for Arduino

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Some time ago Ken Shirriff posted on his blog a nice e useful library, lately moved to GitHub: The InfraRed Arduino Library.
Since then you can decode Sony, Nec, RC5 and RC6 , and even raw codes, using them to store unusual commands from unusual protocols. (The code can be downloaded from IRhashcode.pde. The sample application prints the “real” decoded value and the hash value. The “real” value will only work for supported protocols (Sony, RC5, RC6, NEC), but the hash value should work for almost any remote control.)

This is, by farm the most interesting Arduino library around.
Build your own commander!
TIP: remember to follow TV-B-Gone instructions for powering the IR led)

read more interesting things on ken’s blog
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Arduino + Canon DSLRs = TimeLapse Photography and Video Shoot

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Wow. Two nice posts on how to use & control your Canon 5D Mark II both for shooting and triggering photos. Via InfraRed!

Automatically resume video shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II
Infrared Controlled TimeLapse Photography with Canon DSLRs

both Circuit & Codes ready!
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