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Arduino goes to Shenzhen: the Hollywood of hardware products

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Shenzen 4/2013

Last week-end we just had a good time at the Maker Faire of Shenzhen, hosted in the wonderful OCT District.

We were invited by Eric Pan from Seeedstudio (thanks Eric for the good time!). The Maker Faire has been a priceless experience to get in touch with the chinese maker community, as well as networking with different Chinese and Chinese-based maker companies creating interesting contents & products.

Shenzen Mini Makerfaire

We finally inaugurated our very first official Weibo account, and shared chinese materials about Arduino. You could come and play with the Esplora as well as code your very own interface, Thanks to our friend Federico Musto and Anna Kao for the help. and Maling and Terry who volunteered for us in the booth giving Arduino goodies and pins to a ton of interested chinese makers and curious. Zack Smith, working now in the HAXLR8R, joined us for some help to test his chinese language. There has been many speeches and presentations (as well as an Arduino workshop held by Guo Haoyun, the chinese translator of Getting Started With Arduino), and all of a sudden I understood I have to learn chinese (!). (more…)

The Coming Civil War over General Purpose Computing

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

This enlightening article (talk) by Cory Doctorow appeared on BoingBoing last August. This is not (only) a must-read in terms of  imaging our near future, but an interesting way to weight the importance of the moral meaning Open Source Hardware has in real terms. Happy reading (or listening)

Full transcription on [BoingBoing]

Arduino Is You

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Maker Faire New York is over and we are seeing a lot of reports and reviews about the new products Arduino has announced, we’re sincerely impressed by the amount of positive feedback and offers of collaboration that we have received.

We are  releasing a two part video extract of  my speech on saturday at Maker Faire New York. The title of the speech is “what’s ahead for Arduino”  and it describes the new products we’ve already announced on friday.

Yesterday we’ve had the pleasure of being slashdotted for the first time in our history with the side effect of being mentioned on a lot of websites. In particular what caught my attention is this article by Steve Rosenboaum on the Huffington Post entitled “What Barack Obama Could Learn From Maker Faire” :

Arduino is the kind of innovation eco-system that The White House could support today. Much like the President’s Fitness Challenge drove health and set goals for the nation, it’s easy to imagine an Arduino White House Challenge that would give young people the goals and rewards to drive big ideas into the economy. Today Dean Kamen’s US First Robotics teams are doing that in high schools across the country. And yet President Obama stays almost entirely silent on technology as if somehow the future of America is about us embracing and revitalizing the past.

Education and Community have always been at the core of Arduino….

Another big deal was the announcement that Radio Shack is going to be stocking Arduino in its thousands of stores. Everybody I met was tremendously excited about this (like we have been throughout the negotiation) and a momentous event for an open source project.

We closed our presentation with “Arduino is You”, this is something we like to remind everybody because the community is the lifeblood of Arduino. Give yourself a round of applause like we did in New York.


Arduino Confidential @ Open Hardware Summit

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Yesterday we had a wonderful day at New York Hall of Science, for the Open Source Hardware Summit, in its second edition. We had the chance to see amazing presentations from makers all over the worlds [see schedule & list of participants]  We had a good time in taking with Alicia Gibb, one of the organizers who explained us this year’s numbers and some ideas for the future.

[SlideShare presentation after the break]


Sole 24 Ore’s Innovators Top Ten: Vote Massimo!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

10 Innovatori - Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian economics newspaper, corresponding to the Uk’s “Financial Times”, featured Massimo in its list of the most innovative person of the decade.

Il pubblica la lista dei dieci innovatori del decennio – stilata con la redazione di Nòva24 – dando un volto alle idee che più hanno cambiato dieci anni di ricerca, internet e tecnologia. Una classifica aperta ai lettori, che hanno la possibilità di dire la loro partecipando al sondaggio e lasciando i commenti.

people are asked to vote for the most innovatives among this list  (alphabetical order):

Massimo Banzi, Arduino. Luca Dello Iacovo
Sergey Brin, Google. Antonio C. Larizza
Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post. Serena Danna
Steve Jobs, Apple. Luca De Biase
John Lasseter, Pixar. Luca Tremolada
Bruno Murari, inventore dei Mems. Giuseppe Caravita
Ory Okolloh, Ushahidi. Alessia Maccaferri
Craig Venter, Genoma. Francesca Cerati
Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia. Giuseppe Caravita
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. Luca Salvioli

you can vote here, and add you comments here.

via [IlSole24Ore] and [Nòva]

Bad day for Open Source in Spain, or not!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Today I got to know about two different unfortunate events for open source culture happening in Spain at more or less the same time. First the cancellation of the Open Source World Conference to happen in Malaga on October 28th. According to some sources, the economical situation forced the main organizers to suspend in the last minute. However, and here the good news, the National Federation of Free Software Companies (Federación Nacional de Empresas de Software Libre – ASOLIF) has decided to carry on with their part within the event and to keep it alive despite the problems. The organizers have gathered those interested in the conference around an email list that registered over 2.000 messages in the 5 days they have known about the cancellation. If you want to follow what is going on, subscribe to the email list and be part of the buzz.

On the other hand, my hometown -Zaragoza, Spain- is about to host the Hackmeeting 2010, codename Gozahack, what translates into “Enjoy Hacking” or “Enjoy the Hack”. The list of activities proposed for this event can be seen here. I really like the nodes dealing with intellectual property issues, and with open hardware. The Qi-Hardware people are going to host one of the talks, and promises to be quite interesting. These meetings are a yearly event that usually takes place at a Squatted Social Center. Squatting is not legal in most of the EU, Spain is not an exception. Today, October 18th 2010, just three days before the event starts, the police broke into the social center where Gozahack was going to take place. Unfortunate? Sure it is, but not the end of the world. Again, the organizers have decided to go on. They aren’t really sure yet how they will make it but they will host the event. Three days of hacking, politics and love for making things: follow this website to check how the story unfolds.

Might seem like a bad day for Open Source in Spain, but the commitment shown by the open source/free software community, is a proof that it is not. What is not killing you, makes you stronger, as we say in Spanish.