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ITP Winter Show

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

For the past couple weeks I’ve been wrapped up in finals at ITP, and in producing the ITP winter show 2011, along with my colleague Marianne Petit. I lost count of all the great Arduino projects in the show, but probably somewhere around 70% of the 110 projects in the show have a little blue board somewhere inside. If you’re in New York City today or tomorrow, come on down, it’s a good time, with lots of creative projects covering a range of application areas from healthcare  to fashion to video sculpture to politics, data visualization, assistive technologies, and more.



Here are a few selected at random that are using Arduino:

  • FOLKBOX is a device that allows a person with limited left-hand dexterity to play the acoustic guitar, by Justin Lange.
  • Glute-o-licious is a virtual cycling experience in which the user controls the speed of a first-person video by riding a stationary bike, by Courtney Mitchell
  • HeartRacer is a portable exercise-based video game that plugs into your TV and is powered by your heartbeat, by Nick Santaniello
  • Kinetic Sculpture 5 is composed of five pendulums that the viewer can control. Simply wave your hand over the sensors to “play” the piece, by Ben Light
  • Metrochange is a charity donation platform using New York City subway cards, by Genevieve Hoffman, Paul May, and Stepan Boltalin
  • RFID Beat Box is an instrument that lets you create and play your own music using RFID tags, by Danne Woo and Stefanie Kleinman
  • Nostalgia is an interactive art piece where you can view a memory of the artist’s past by typing, by Yoonjo Choi
Here is a full list of the projects. Come and see them all!

Arduino DashBoard App

Friday, August 26th, 2011

[Jonathan Clark] from Lousiville Hackerspace has developed an application that is constantly checking the state of I/O pin of your Arduino board, updating a window on your desktop.

ArduinoDashboard is an application for viewing analog and digital pin sensor values from an arduino in real time. This can be used with any arduino sketch and now has compiled versions with no need to download ide. Sources included as well.

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The Simple Act of Making a Mark

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

[Alan Rorie] developed The Simple Act of Making a Mark, an installation about abstracting the creative process: The machine begins by looking at what is placed before it and detects patterns within it. The machine then traces those subtle patterns, amplifying and solidifying them until generative patterns emerge autonomously.

The installation uses an Arduino Uno, an AdaFruit Motor Shield, a single USB HD web camera is used for both the computer vision and to build a time lapse movie of each loop. The software is built using Processing with MessengercontrolP5fullscreen libraries, and v3ga blobDetection. In addition gCode command structure was used and Bresenham’s line algorithm to determine where and when the steppers should move.

via [creativeApplications]

Light Drive: Light Painting With Arduino

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

[Kim Pimmel] made nice light-painting stop-motion animations using an Arduino Bluetooth, Processing and some post-production.

The video is stop motion, so every frame is an individually shot photograph. Each photograph is a long exposure photo, with exposures reaching up to 20 seconds in some cases.

To control the lights, I used an Arduino controlled via bluetooth to drive a stepper motor. The stepper motor controls the movements of the lights remotely from Processing.

via [Pimmel's Vimeo] more on [Flickr]

Must-See Beginner Tutorials For Arduino

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

[Jeremy] made ten Tutorials about Arduino worth our “All Stars” category. He talks about different themes: Blinking Leds [Intro & #2], Electrical Engineering  [#3],  Analog Inputs [#4], Motors & Transistors [#5], Serial Communication & Processing [#6], I2C & Processing [#7], SPI Interfaces [#8], Wireless Communication [#9] and Interrupts [#10].

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from element14, I’m putting together a tutorial series on using the arduino microcontroller platform!  The arduino is a platform that I’ve done several projects with, and I think it is the best possible way for beginners to get acquainted with electronics.  This tutorial series will be aimed at beginner users, but I’m hoping to keep it going with some more advanced topics a few episodes into the future.

thanks Jeremy! ++

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Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This project is called “Spiral Wall”  which used Processing to control Arduino board. Pressing the keyboard(or mouse) to control the servo to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can see how the silk-line rotate and make the diversity of the patterns.

via [MAKE] source [Pandalabcc]

Questo progetto si chiama “Spiral Wall”  e utilizza Processing per controllare Arduino. Attraverso i tasti della tastiera o del mouse si possono controllare i servomotori per avere un movimento orario o anti-orario. Nel video si può notare la seta che cambia di spessore a seconda della rotazione.

via [MAKE] source [Pandalabcc]