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Batman Inspired Indoor Localization

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Batman Inspired Indoor Localization

Last August Arduino Tour landed in Singapore, hosted by The Hub Singapore. Davide Gomba held a workshop there and met a lot of cool people during the hackathon happening in the same days. Ted, one of the participants, submitted to our blog the Indoor Localization (see video below) project  he prototyped with his team during the 24 hours CodeXtreme hours:

Our idea is to convert existing speakers inside shopping malls into an indoor localization beacon. This allows malls to track the location density without adding extensive infrastructure since it uses embedded inaudible sound signatures in music that shops play in the malls. In short, instead of tracking Joker, we use Arduino (with WiFI Shield & MP3 Shield) and Android to track people (customer) inside a mall.


Some notes from Hack the Hackathon London

Monday, July 29th, 2013



At the beginning of July Arduino was in London to participate to Hack The Hackathon event. We had a great time and a lot of enthusiasm about Arduino: at least 60 hands went in the air when Russ Klein, from HTH,  asked on Friday night who had never seen Arduino. And by the end of the weekend, 5 projects were developed using the technology and 26 people emerged with hands-on experience. Here’s a summary of the projects and some pictures:


Katie Bibbard, Edwin Senjobe, Duncan McKenzie, and Julian Carstairs created a method for rural healthcare workers in Africa to monitor and report a patient’s vital signs, diagnose the patient’s condition, and take appropriate action. A portal allows the readings to be communicated to experts in other locations who provide advice and guidance. Arduino and GSM Shield were used to collect physical data and upload via USSD or SMS but also program reminders to deliver medicines. This is their presentation on Prezi.


Hoi Lam created a local communications system to be used when there is a report of disaster. The system sends the coordinates to users of local team within a specified radius then asks, “are u ok?” Arduino makes the system easy to use for small teams of people (for example a United Nations Convoy) which may not be able to communicate with the outside world but which can communicate locally among team members. Arduino provides visible cues to help rescue and reconnaissance workers coordinate efforts.


Alex Gonzalez, Carlos Miguel, and Gianfranco Cecconoi created an inexpensive device that functions as a remote control unit to help elderly and learning disabled people access basic communications functions without having to learn a complex system of menus and other user interface options. Arduino is the controller giving support technicians a reduced set of possible issues, fewer distracting features, and fewer ways that the end user can get lost or confused.


Matthias Buchting created a way to detect critical injury at home. Elderly or infirmed people living on their own sometimes suffer catastrophic injury and cannot call for help. Using Arduino and sensors such as temperature for fire, sensors at the door to see if a person is walking in apartment, motion and sound to detect the absence of movement, abnormal readings can be sent as notifications to healthcare or emergency response personnel.


The team composed by Omkar Vadpathak, Munya Mutikani, Thura Z Maung, and Javier Madrigal worked on a project that tests well water in rural areas of India and Africa. Water wells are far apart and regular testing is difficult or impossible in many areas.
Before going to the well, user can send an SMS to request info and the well answers back delivering some environmental parameters and, most importantly, if there is water and if it’s drinking water. Arduino is able to measures the temperature, water level, toxicity, oxygen content, and other vital readings to determine whether the water is safe to drink. All the wells are sending info to authorities allowing them to monitor the level of pollution and understand if reclamation is needed.


Javier Madrigal created a sensor-based safety system for use by bicyclists. Using proximity and other sensors, a cyclist is alerted of approaching vehicles and other obstacles. Arduino acts as the data collection device and communicates with the cyclist’s phone or other audio or visual warning system. The system focuses on blind spots, darkness, and other cycling hazards.


Makertour in Torino for Arduino Camp and an exploration of the Arduino factory!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Makertour in Torino and Ivrea

Some days ago Makertour was in Torino to join the Arduino Camp organized by Officine Arduino and hosted by  Fablab Torino. Enrico Bassi, president of the Fablab, was interviewed by Makerfaire Rome crew around his experience in the “maker movement” and in the creation of the first  fablab in the city.


During the same trip the video-crew visited the factory where Arduino is manufactured and Davide Gomba reveals where does the “Arduino” name comes from! Watch it now:



Sustainable business, smarter living and social good – interested? Join us in London

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Hack the hackathon

Next week, we’ll be in London at Hack The Hackathon‘s developer competition to support the teams in experimenting with “smart” devices. After the great hackathon we had during the Arduino Camp in Torino, we’ll move to London for the 48-hour competition addressing an array of possible projects falling loosely into three broad challenge categories: Social Good, Sustainable Business, and Smarter Living.

The event (5th-7th July), hosted by the HUB Westminster in Piccadilly Circus, is:

designed for technical and non-technical innovators, designers, and engineers to build working prototypes, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories, work with expert mentors, meet new people, and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects.

If you are an innovator, designer, coder, information architect, and social media lover passionate about Learning, Exploring, Building, Sharing, and Mastering state-of-the-art technologies in a nurturing and exciting environment where everyone is a winner, then you should take this chance.

You can participate to the event with or without an idea or a project in mind. And don’t worry if you are coming by yourself, without a team already formed. The important thing is to register and arrive on time at the location hosting us for the weekend.

During the 48-hour developer competition, Hack The Hackathon will also host Africa Builds an exploratory information session and open discussion  to identify a core team of like-minded collaborators who want to inspire change among those most affected by and most able to combat the challenges facing the nations of Africa.

Federico Vanzati, one of our Arduino mentors, will be there and happy to meet you and show you all about Arduino. Looking forward to see you in London!

Check all the info and register to the free event here.


Visual Report Arduino Camp Italia – Let’s hackathon

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Last saturday we had a great day celebrating the Arduino Camp, hosting the traditional hackaton inside Officine Arduino and Fablab Torino spaces and the huge courtyard of Toolbox Coworking. Many people, cool projects, and a theme: “Reinventing interfaces of home appliances” (… interpreted in a very wide way, though).

"No Friends, No Air"computer vision-based air conditioning system, winner of the first prize

We had three winners and a special nomination, check yourself among the amazing shoots by Cosimo Maffione on our Flickr set.

First prize – “No friends No air”:  an air system based on computer vision

Second prize – Rombot: the alarm clock that you have to drive back to turn it off

Third prize – “InterVintage“: a domestic communication tool based on vintage stuff

Special Mention – Coffee or Die“: a special interface for a flame

So far we’ve been organizing  three Arduino Camps, and we have many requests of people willing to join or organize such an event all over the world to celebrate Arduino users’ community. That’s why for the next years’ edition we are planning to offer to community-based groups the possibility to organize their own hackaton on the same day in different locations. Same theme, a variety of approaches to solve a problem. Stay tuned!

Arduino Camp Italia 2013: tutti a Torino a metà giugno

Friday, May 31st, 2013


Venerdì 14 e sabato 15 giugno 2013 si terrà a Torino il tradizionale Arduino Camp Italia, evento completamente gratuito ideato per coinvolgere la community e organizzato da Officine Arduino in collaborazione con Toolbox.

L’evento di due giorni prevede un incontro dedicato alle idee e alle persone che stanno cambiando il mondo dal titolo “L’Innovazione dal Basso”, che ospiterà

  • Riccardo Luna, primo direttore di Wired Italia, con il suo nuovo libro “Cambiamo Tutto”,
  • Massimo Banzi, fondatore di Arduino,
  • Juan Carlos De Martin del Politecnico di Torino, tra i promotori dell’Agenda Digitale
  • Leonardo Camiciotti, responsabile del programma per la creazione di imprese innovative di TOP-IX.

(tutti i dettagli e le iscrizioni sul sito di Toolbox)

Il giorno successivo, sabato 15, dalle 10 di mattina fino alle  20.30 presso il Fablab Torino si svolgerà invece un vero e proprio Hackaton. I partecipanti divisi in gruppi si sfideranno all’ultimo circuito, creando ognuno un progetto e cercando di rispondere al meglio al tema proposto la mattina stessa.
Ospite d’eccezione sarà il nuovo Arduino Robot!


Entrambi i giorni  prevedono un ingresso gratuito ma i posti saranno limitati dalla capienza del luogo dell’incontro. Per partecipare all’evento di venerdì, fatelo a questo link, invece per  l’Hackaton, iscrivetevi qui.

Se vi interessa cerchiamo anche 5 volontari per l’Hackaton di sabato che ci aiutino a fare accoglienza, diano supporto logistico e informativo ai team. Vi interessa? Attivatevi qui!



Castelao Barcamp Vigo 2012

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Castelao Barcamp Vigo 2012

Desde BricoGeek nos llega la noticia de la celebración de una nueva Barcamp, esta vez en Vigo. La reunión perfecta para cacharrear y debatir entre amigos sobre temas como el Open Hardware, Arduino o impresoras 3D entre otros muchos, y puede que con alguna que otra sorpresa.


Unas jornadas DIY muy interesantes que tendrán lugar en las instalaciones del CFP Daniel Castelao de Vigo en las que Alejandro Taracido presentará a su mítico robot ORUGAS con las últimas novedades añadidas.


Sin duda, un evento al que no se debe faltar!


Planning preliminar (sujeto a cambios):

  • Introducción al Open Harwdare
  • Orugas: Robot explorador basado en Arduino
  • Impresión 3D DIY. Crea objetos en tu casa
  • Workshop BricoGeek
  • Taller: DIY Soldadura SMD por refusión
  • Taller: Medidas PWM analógicas
  • Presentación proyecto RACE
  • Raspberry PI como servidor FTP de contenidos


VIA | BricoGeek

Campus Party Berlin – hackathon + free tickets

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Campus Party is probably one of the oldest large-size LAN Parties in the world with series of events all over (Valencia, Mexico, Granada, Sao Paulo, Berlin …). We have been present at a few of their events both in Spain and Mexico over the last couple of years.

2012 Berlin Edition: IoT HACKATHON

This time we are going to be making a small workshop + overnight-hackathon about the Internet of Things where we will introduce you to the idea of connecting anything from -almost- anywhere. This event is arranged together with Telefonica Digital, who are partly sponsoring our research in the world of wireless communication.

The times aren’t fixed yet, but we will run a double session between August 24th and 25th. The participants in the workshop will get special gear courtesy of Campus Party Europe and a hands on introduction on how to get connected to the GPRS network. If you have a project that needs to speak out to the net, this workshop is for you.

There is room for 15 participants, join us!

Who will run the workshop?

David Cuartielles, Arduino Co-founder, will be hosting the workshop. However he will be arriving early and hang out at the festival between the 23rd and the 26th.

Francisco Javier Zorzano, from Telefonica Digital, who is the creator of Arduino’s GSM/GPRS library will arrive on the 24th and stay until the end of the festival.

It will be a great opportunity to meet, talk about projects, or hack a couple of things through the night.

We give away 50 free tickets to Arduino community members

Both if you want to come to the workshop or just if you want to pass by to see the festival, we want to give you the chance of getting free tickets to the festival. We are giving away 50 tickets to the event (worth 128Eur) for Arduino community members. Visit this page (or click on the banner at the beginning of the post), fill in the form and keep your fingers crossed. This call ends on August 8th.

IMPORTANT: For those of you applying to get free tickets to the event, we will announce the winners via the Arduino Blog … stay tuned!

Arduino Barcamp ZgZ 2012 – Fotografías

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Robot Arduino, Arduino Barcamp, david cuartielles, arduteka, arduino, fotos, zaragoza, hardware libre

El pasado fin de semana Arduteka, en colaboración con Cooking Hacks y el proyecto Milla Digital del ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, celebraron la Arduino Barcamp más multitudinaria realizada hasta la fecha en España.

Ponencias de todo tipo, desde impresoras 3D hasta las novedades que acontecen al mundo Arduino de la mano de David Cuartielles, pasando por algo de software libre como Plasma Active, un entorno KDE para dispositivos móviles, hicieron las delicias de todos los asistentes al evento.


Via | Arduteka

Arduino Barcamp Zaragoza 2012

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Arduteka - Arduino Barcamp Zaragoza 2012


Arduteka en colaboración con Cooking Hacks y Milla Digital del ayuntamiento de Zaragoza han preparado un evento con capacidad para más de 400 personas en uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de la ciudad, el Antiguo Seminario Metropolitano de Zaragoza transformando en una moderna Ciudad Administrativa Municipal y que amablemente han cedido para organizar el evento.


Desde charlas sobre arte interactivo con Arduino como interface, pasando por talleres sobre impresión 3D hasta demostración de integración de Arduino con Asterisk será solo una parte de lo que vamos a poder disfrutar, ya que estarán habilitados diferentes Stands como el de Parrot, en que podremos probar el nuevo Ar-Drone 2.0, el de Cooking Hacks que nos amenizarán con micro talleres Arduino e incluso el de nuestros amigos de Ultra-Lab que seguro hará las delicias de los asistentes.


Por si esto fuera poco.. Contaremos con la presencia y colaboración de David Cuartielles, el cual nos ofrecerá una charla sobre los últimos productos Arduino que se está aconteciendo…


Accede ahora a toda la información en la nueva web de Arduteka AQUÍ e inscríbete!!

Te lo vas a perder??


Via | Arduteka