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Neil Gershenfeld a Roma, aspettando la Maker Faire Europea

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

 Neil Gershenfeld

Neil Gershenfeld, fondatore del Center for Bits and Atoms che ha dato vita all’idea di FABLAB, incontra i makers italiani all’Acquario Romano. In occasione di Atoms, Bits & People ci saranno anche Massimo Banzi, Riccardo Luna.  Per partecipare bisogna registrarsi gratuitamente, ma affrettatevi perchè i posti sono limitati e i makers sono tanti e molto interessati a partecipare.

L’evento è organizzato dall’Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti d’America e dal Global Shapers Hub di Roma in collaborazione con World Wide Rome e  Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

Dove: Roma, Italia
Quando: venerdì 24 maggio ore 18

People over megahertz with Massimo Banzi at Codemotion – Get the promocode

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

codemotion conference


As Fritzing guys pointed recently out on their blog

Codemotion is not just another tech conference where developers and engineers attend to compare tools and argue about what’s best and what’s cool. It is a meeting point for many disciplines, hardware meets software and design in a unique and powerful combination.

We’ll be participating to the event, not only with a workshop on wearables (sorry it’s sold out!), but also with

  • People over megahertz - a keynote speech by Massimo Banzi opening the conference on friday the 10th, thanx to MakerFaire Rome
  • Makers movement and fashion are getting closer than we think - a panel on saturday the 11th with Sam Muirhead (OneYearOpensource), Hannah Perner-Wilson (Plusea), Mika Satomi (Kobakant) and Zoe Romano  exploring  how the use of low-cost devices and machines is multiplying possibilities of participation and is transforming the way we approach our garments.

We invite you to join us with a special 50% discount code available only today! You just need to enter this promocode: love_arduino .


Alessandria è la prossima tappa dell’Arduino Tour per l’1 e il 2 giugno!

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


Il prossimo 1 e 2 giugno i docenti delle Officine Arduino saranno ad Alessandria ospitati da Lab121, un’associazione culturale che promuove il coworking ed il business networking. Nel workshop di due giorni gli iscritti possono assistere ad una esaustiva panoramica degli impieghi di Arduino e realizzare un piccolo progetto concreto a partire dalle componenti contenute nei materiali dell’Arduino Starter Kit.

Arduino Starter Kit

Chiunque é benvenuto a partecipare al workshop: nessuna precedente conoscenza di programmazione o di elettronica sono richieste! E per saperne di più potete assistere alla presentazione pubblica di Arduino venerdì 31 Maggio nella stessa sede di Via Verona 17 ad Alessandria.

Se abitate a da quelle parti e avete voglia di  creare progetti interattivi e incontrare alcuni protagonisti che animano le Officine Arduino, prenotate uno dei  posti a disposizione!


Discover the MakerFaire Rome Ambassador kit with an Arduino Uno limited edition

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Arduino Uno Limited Edition back

MakerFaire Rome, for the first time gathering makers from all over Europe, is coming up and the clock is ticking while the Call for Makers closes next 2nd of June.
That’s why we thought to launch a call for collaboration to local hubs, makerspaces and fablab into helping us spreading the word.

If you are one of them and you think that makers from your city in Europe would be interested in  joining the event and submitting a project to the call, we can send you a package full of flyers, postcards, stickers and support you into organizing a local event about it.

Propaganda kit makerfaire

To join the team of Proxies fill THIS short form with your name, city, country, name of your local hub and address and we’ll get back to you.

The form we’ll be open until monday 14th of May and then we’ll announce the list of those receiving the kit. We have only 50 kits available so be quick to feedback us :)

The MakerFaire Rome Ambassador Kit includes:
Small stickers

+ an exclusive limited edition Arduino Uno board :)

Arduino Uno Limited Edition

Thanks in advance for your help and support, and see you at Maker Faire Rome!

For any question join us in the forum.
hashtag: #c4mrome

MakerFaire Rome Tour is now in France

Friday, May 3rd, 2013



Here’s a couple of videos from the Tour! Follow the camper on Twitter with the hashtag #makertour:


Makerfaire Rome – Hangout on-air with Massimo Banzi on monday

Friday, April 19th, 2013

makefaire rome

Last february we announced the official dates of  MakerFaire Rome – The European Edition – taking place next October and finally, also released  the Call for Makers to invite tinkerers to enter projects and take part to this event celebrating the makers’ revolution in Italy.

Non we’d like  to start exchanging ideas and presenting you some of the protagonists that’s why we are organizing a series of Hangouts OnAir, to inspire and be inspired by some of our friends who are going to participate.
The first hangout is planned for next monday 22nd of april h.8pm CET – Massimo Banzi will be the moderator and his guests are:

David Cuartielles – Arduino Team – Sweden
Addie Wagenknecht – Lasersaur – Austria
Marc Bruyere - Snootlab – France
Join us on googleplus and see you on monday! (the hangout on-air video will be embedded in this post)

Talking about hacking secondary school education in Spain at Coderdojo conference

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Dojo Conference 2013

Coderdojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology. Last weekend David Cuartielles from the Arduino team went to Slane Castle in Ireland  to make a brief presentation to the CoderDojo conference about the Castilla project and how we are hacking Secondary School education in Spain. (more…)

L’Arduino Tour atterra a Napoli – 3-5 maggio

Friday, April 12th, 2013

arduino tour


Il nuovo Arduino Starter Kit, lanciato oramai qualche mese fa, sta entusiasmando grandi e piccini con il suo libro di tutorial, le componenti speciali e la serie di video in cui Massimo Banzi spiega come realizzarli. Se però preferite che i docenti delle Officine Arduino ve lo spieghino dal vivo e siano pronti a rispondere a tutte le vostre domande allora è meglio che seguiate una delle tappe dell’Arduino Tour.

La prossima tappa prevista per Maggio fa scalo a Napoli:

  • venerdì 3 maggio: presentazione pubblica di Arduino (ora aperitivo)
  • sabato 4 e domenica 5 maggio: workshop intensivo di Arduino (tutto il giorno per due giorni)

L’iniziativa è promossa e organizzata con Societing e ospitata dagli amici di  Riot Studio in Via S. Biagio dei Librai, 39 Napoli 80138 Italia.

Prenotate il vostro posto - il prezzo è comprensivo di Starter kit!

Arduino goes to Shenzhen: the Hollywood of hardware products

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Shenzen 4/2013

Last week-end we just had a good time at the Maker Faire of Shenzhen, hosted in the wonderful OCT District.

We were invited by Eric Pan from Seeedstudio (thanks Eric for the good time!). The Maker Faire has been a priceless experience to get in touch with the chinese maker community, as well as networking with different Chinese and Chinese-based maker companies creating interesting contents & products.

Shenzen Mini Makerfaire

We finally inaugurated our very first official Weibo account, and shared chinese materials about Arduino. You could come and play with the Esplora as well as code your very own interface, Thanks to our friend Federico Musto and Anna Kao for the help. and Maling and Terry who volunteered for us in the booth giving Arduino goodies and pins to a ton of interested chinese makers and curious. Zack Smith, working now in the HAXLR8R, joined us for some help to test his chinese language. There has been many speeches and presentations (as well as an Arduino workshop held by Guo Haoyun, the chinese translator of Getting Started With Arduino), and all of a sudden I understood I have to learn chinese (!). (more…)

Arduino, open-design and Makerfaire at the Design Week in Milan

Monday, April 8th, 2013

salone wall-e

If you happen to come to Milano this week the city is hosting a lot of events  organized in different locations for the 6-day Salone del Mobile dedicated mainly to furniture design but offering a lot of other initiatives taking place around 4 main areas like: the fair, Zona Tortona, VenturaLambrate and Brera.

In the last couple of years some events related to the makers’ culture have started to pop-up during the Salone and we have something coming up too!

Officine Arduino will be at Salone Satellite  (created in 1998 for the express purpose of bringing together  young designers under 35  and this 15th edition is putting the focus to ‘Design Technology’) with an installation called La Bottega Digitale where workshops, meetings and exhibition of 5 projects will show to visitors the digital-fabrication approach to design. Here you can check the agenda and book your participation.

Salone bottega digitale -setup


This is one of the new projects you’ll find when visiting us at the fair, it’s called Spruzzo, an open source sprouter based on shared knowledge:


Right near Zona Tortona also we co-organized with some friends We Make Open-Design, an event all focused on open-design. It’s going to exhibit 6 projects which have codes and schemes released on the web, made mostly with digital fabrication techniques , just like OpenMirror by DigitalHabits. (3 of the projects will be presented during Popupmakers Speciale Salone )


During the week will be offering free workshops on 3dprinting, Arduino Tinkerkit and Cut&Fold design. The week will end on Sunday with a final event dedicated to Makerfaire Rome. You are invited to join us for a brunch with Massimo Banzi, Giorgio Olivero and Alessandro Masserdotti to  chat around open design approaches and the makers’ revolution (check the eventbrite page to book your ticket). Stay Tuned!

Makerfaire rome