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Come and join Arduino at Maker Faire Rome

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Maker Faire Rome

Starting thursday the 3rd of October, Maker Faire Rome is finally opening in the italian capital, gathering hundreds of makers from all over Europe. We’ve been working on it for some months together with Riccardo Luna and Asset Camera team: finally it’s time to enjoy the moment.

The conference

On thursday you can attend the conference “How to reMake the World” with Riccardo Luna and Massimo Banzi, curators of the Faire, along with international guests including David John Gauntlett, Raffaello D’Andrea, Dale Dougherty and many more. It’ll be a total immersion in the universe of 3D printing, open source electronics and the culture of making. Discover all the speakers at this link.

The booth

You can visit Arduino booth (Zone D2) during the weekend where  you’ll find a series of one-to-one stations for different level of knowledge, from beginners to pro. You’ll be able to explore together with Officine Arduino/FablabTorino crew:

  • the Arduino Starter Kit with its 10 projects and the book (Now also in ITALIAN!)
  • the Arduino Yún and some cool demos
  • the Arduino Mega ADK and its great features
  • the Arduino Robot running around the fair!
  • other experimental projects from the lab

Meet all the other makers at this link.

The store 

Many people have been asking and the answer is YES! There will be an Arduino Store selling most of the Arduino products at the Faire (Arduino Yún included!). You’ll find also some other interesting products like kits from Make, O’Reilly books, Little Bits, kits by Prusa, Ultimaker,  Plug&Wear and more.

The presentations

Starting at the conference, there will be Massimo Banzi, all the other Arduino’s founders (Tom Igoe, David Mellis, David Cuartielles, Gianluca Martino) and Officine Arduino/Fablab Torino crew participating to panels, talks and debates. Check Maker Faire program in the next days to learn about the details. Don’t miss this chance to have your board autographed! ;)

Would you like a discount voucher for the Faire?

Click, print and bring with you the following voucher:

arduino voucher


Arduino at school: People Meter

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

classe virtuale 2013

After 13 years, Classe Virtuale project is once again an interesting opportunity for students to experiment a bridge between school and work. “Classe Virtuale” is a partnership between Loccioni and technical educational institutions started in 2001 when the group started offering to young students training periods and internships in the company giving the chance to work on a real project together with very skilled people and technicians. In 2012 they worked on a flow meter and this year the project focused on a similar project called People Meter, using Arduino Uno, wi-fi and rfid modules, and a 3d printer.


Below you can find more information (in italian) about the team, the project and the results!

Arduino workshop at Fondazione Castiglioni – Visual report

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Arduino e la Luce - Massimo Banzi

Last weekend at Fondazione Achille Castiglioni Massimo Banzi held a workshop called “Arduino and the light” where participants learned the basics of Arduino and created an interactive lamp digitally manufactured and designed by Habits Studio.

The Tinkerlamp was developed to be easily assembled the necessity of any technical notion: a single sheet of wood includes all the pieces to be mounted in interlocking, avoiding the use of glues.


All the files to produce the laser-cut lamp will be  are released with an open-source license and now will be downloadable from Habit’s website.

Even without any knowledge of electronics, participants  learnt and practiced how to add interaction to the lamp using Tinkerkit, a collection of different sensors and actuators to make prototyping much easier as you can directly hook them up to the Arduino.

ArduinoLuce - Tinkerkit


Take a look at the pictures of the two-day workshop on our Flickr set below, click on it for bigger pictures!

Arduino is ready for Maker Faire Bay Area, and you?

Friday, May 17th, 2013


The world’s most diverse showcase of creativity and innovation in technology, craft and science is starting tomorrow in San Mateo, California and the Arduino team will be there with more than a couple of new things to present.

First of all, finally and officially the Arduino Robot will be alive and running around the Arduino tent to bring you into the world of robotics. Designed with Complubot, the 4-time world champions in Robocup Junior robotics soccer, the robot allows for endless hours of experimentation and play. It is a self-contained platform allowing you to build interactive machines to explore the world. As all the other Arduino products you can use it as it is, modify its software and even add your own hardware on top of it: it is perfect for the novice but also for those looking for their next challenge.

As you may have read in the article published on MAKE some days ago, The Arduino Robot is the result of the collective effort from an international team looking at how science can be made fun to learn and we loved to share its story. Connected with this aim, David Cuartellies – head of Arduino Verkstad, the Arduino office in Malmö (Sweden) – during Maker Faire Bay Area will present the Castilla Education Project  aiming at evaluating the use of Arduino and other open source tools in the schools of Spain. He’ll especially focus on the way content was created and validated in an experiment involving 24 schools, 30 teachers, over 500 kids, and a 6-members design team.

On the topic of education also Michael Shiloh — Coordinator of Education materials for Arduino, will be on the Education stage on Sunday  at 4.30pm for a Q&A on how to use Arduino boards and how to prepare material for teaching.


Arduino tft - Esplora compatible

Then we’re happy to announce that Arduino is releasing the new version of the Arduino IDE and the new TFT screen. TCT LCD library relies on the Adafruit GFX and ST7735 libraries.   The Arduino specific library, named TFT, extends the Adafruit libraries to support more Processing-like methods. You can write text, draw shapes, and show bitmap images on the screen in a way that should be familiar to users of Processing.

If you want to hear all these news from the voice of Massimo Banzi, don’t miss the center stage of Maker Faire Bay Area, saturday 18th of May from 1.30 and come to visit us at the Arduino tent (see map below for directions).





La tappa di Napoli dell’Arduino Tour: sperimentazioni su musica e internet delle cose

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Arduino Tour Napoli

Nel  weekend all’inizio di maggio  l’Arduino Tour ha fatto tappa a Napoli per una presentazione e un workshop di due giorni in cui i partecipanti hanno sperimentato principalmente su due fronti.

Nel primo, sfruttando della vernice conduttiva BareConductive, è stato creato un disegno su una tovaglia: uno pseudo logo di Riot, lo spazio che ospitava l’evento. Dopodichè questo circuito pitturato è stato collegato ad Arduino UNO, connesso a sua volta ad un pc su cui giravano il software di bridge Serial-Midi (già visto a Verona) e Ableton. In questo scenario, usando il disegno e il proprio corpo (e pure l’altrui!) come un unico circuito, è stato possibile generare una grande varietà di suoni.

A completare il tutto, un vecchio Stylophone hackerato a fare da sottofondo! Qui qualcuno si è dedicato alla progettazione e realizzazione della pittura, altri all’interfacciamento Arduino-Midi, altri alla musica, altri allo Stylophone.


Il secondo fronte era dedicato al monitoraggio di consumi e all’Internet delle Cose. E’ stata realizzata una postazione per il monitoraggio di consumi, temperatura e luminosità e invio degli stessi a Emoncms (progetto OpenEnergyMonitor). In questo gruppo l’intenzione era di realizzare sensori di consumo a partire da materiale di recupero, anche se poi si è utilizzata una pinza amperometrica. Un altro gruppo ha invece utilizzato una nota centralina di monitoraggio wireless di consumi (CC-128), che debitamente hackerata è stata interfacciata ad Arduino. Anche in questo caso i dati recuperati venivano inviati a Emoncms Qui qualcuno si è dedicato al CC-128, altri alla configurazione standard, altri alla dashboard su Emoncms.


Qui sotto potete vedere alcune foto dal nostro profilo di Flickr e nel caso vi venga voglia di partecipare al prossimo workshop, prenotatevi per la tappa di Alessandria il prossimo 1 e 2 giugno!

Turning drawings into a music game

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Gilda Negrini and Riccardo Vendramin, two young product designers from Italy, wrote us to share their last work, designed during a course called Autoproduzioni at Politecnico of  Milano. It’s called MusicInk, it runs on an Arduino Duemilanove board, and  gives an alternative method to teach music to children. That’s how they describe it:

MusicInk makes drawings turning into real music, this magical process is due to a mashup of various eterogenous technologies: Conductive Ink  by Bare Conductive, MPR121 controller, Arduino (Duemilanove board), LiPo shield (removed on a second time), Bluetooth shield by Seedstudio, Android platform, Pure Data for Android (libido), Pure Data patch.
Our project was developed with the help of our friend Manh Luong Bui and has been a very hard work.
We started our project studying the possibilities to create new and cheap musical instruments, then we discovered studies about conductive ink and we decided to create something different with these two technologies.

Here you can see their experience in testing MusicInk in a kindergarten in Milano with children between 4 and 5 years old:



Equipping teens with hands-on approach to robots

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

frank magazu


Hello, I am Frank Magazu. I am 16 years old and go to school in Pasco, Florida. I make robots with the Arduino and got interviewed by my school district. Here is a video of me. Thanks for helping me become proficient at robotics as well as electronics and programing in general.

Thank you Frank! You made our day with your email. Keep up with the great work you and your professor are doing to inspire more people in getting involved in diy robots.


Talking about hacking secondary school education in Spain at Coderdojo conference

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Dojo Conference 2013

Coderdojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology. Last weekend David Cuartielles from the Arduino team went to Slane Castle in Ireland  to make a brief presentation to the CoderDojo conference about the Castilla project and how we are hacking Secondary School education in Spain. (more…)

Arduino goes to Shenzhen: the Hollywood of hardware products

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Shenzen 4/2013

Last week-end we just had a good time at the Maker Faire of Shenzhen, hosted in the wonderful OCT District.

We were invited by Eric Pan from Seeedstudio (thanks Eric for the good time!). The Maker Faire has been a priceless experience to get in touch with the chinese maker community, as well as networking with different Chinese and Chinese-based maker companies creating interesting contents & products.

Shenzen Mini Makerfaire

We finally inaugurated our very first official Weibo account, and shared chinese materials about Arduino. You could come and play with the Esplora as well as code your very own interface, Thanks to our friend Federico Musto and Anna Kao for the help. and Maling and Terry who volunteered for us in the booth giving Arduino goodies and pins to a ton of interested chinese makers and curious. Zack Smith, working now in the HAXLR8R, joined us for some help to test his chinese language. There has been many speeches and presentations (as well as an Arduino workshop held by Guo Haoyun, the chinese translator of Getting Started With Arduino), and all of a sudden I understood I have to learn chinese (!). (more…)

Vi aspettiamo all’Arduino Day a Roma

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

arduino day 2013

Sabato 6 aprile 2013 si tiene a Roma, l’Arduino Day – Think Make Share. Si tratta di una giornata interamente dedicata ad Arduino e alla prototipazione elettronica organizzata da DiScienza, un’associazione che dal 2009 si impegna nella divulgazione scientifica concentrando gran parte del suo lavoro sulla didattica della robotica.

Gli obiettivi principali della giornata sono di avvicinare un ampio pubblico alla prototipazione e all’open hardware basato su Arduino e quello di diventare una piattaforma di approfondimento e confronto per tutti quelli che già lo utilizzano.
Durante la giornata saremo presenti con uno stand ufficiale Arduino, lo store e con diversi laboratori organizzati da Officine Arduino,  base e avanzati, accessibili sia da chi è la prima volta che si avvicina a questo mondo, sia per chi già ne conosce le sue sfaccettature. Ecco alcuni esempi in programma:

Arduino 101
dalle ore 15:00 alle ore 18:00
Portate il vostro notebook!
da 14 a 99 anni
Partenza sprint con Arduino e TinkerKit. Un laboratorio per costruire oggetti interattivi plug and play!

Esplora + Processing
dalle ore 11:00 alle ore 13:00
Portate il vostro notebook!
da 16 a 99 anni
Programmazione di Processing con Arduino come controller. Grazie a Processing e ad Esplora tornerà in vita uno storico arcade!

Il mio primo sketch
dalle ore 11:30 alle ore 13:30
Portate il vostro notebook!
Partiamo dalle basi con Arduino. Colleghiamo tutto e diamo luce ai nostri led. Gli amici dell’Arduino User Group Roma ci aiuteranno a muovere i primi passi con Arduino.


E per chi si sta preparando alla Maker Faire Rome e ha voglia di essere coinvolto/a sin da ora, vi consigliamo di seguire questa presentazione:

La Maker Faire Rome
ore 18:00
1001 modi per farla insieme a noi! Roma ospiterà in ottobre un grande evento dedicato ai Makers. Conoscerete tutti i dettagli per partecipare come Makers ed essere coinvolti nel “Making of”!

Scoprite le altre attività e prenotate il vostro workshop consultando il sito dell’evento!