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So far we are second … spread the rumor

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Thanks to the amazing response from the community, Arduino is now second at Italy’s Wired competition to send a project to Shanghai’s World Expo this year. We are 1000 votes behind, please keep on voting :-)

See the scores here:

Vote for Arduino

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


The Italian government is making a selection of national innovations to bring to Shanghai’s Expo this year. There have been many entries, among them ours, and now Wired Italy is conducting an online poll to decide which will be the chosen ones to be present at the Expo. Representing Arduino, Massimo submitted an entry in the name of Smartprojects, the company manufacturing Arduino USB and Arduino Mega, as well as a bunch of the official shields. The whole campaign is in Italian, and therefore it is pretty hard for the non-Italian speakers to even get to know this is happening.

This is a call for you all to Vote for Arduino, if you are happy with the platform, if you enjoy learning and building with us, if you like it and if you like us, you can help us out getting more visibility in front of the world by visiting the following website and clicking on the five-starts rating system on top of the page. Please, go straight for the 5th star, we need all the help in the world to be one of the chosen ones.

As a thank you, here you get a video of Massimo explaining in Italian why Arduino should be representing Italy at the Expo:

Massimo applying to the Shanghai Expo 2010

UPDATE 20100510: not even 24 hours after the announcement on the blog, we are already second, guys thanks a lot for voting for us, we just need a couple of hundred more votes to make it to the first place!

UPDATE 20100510_2: Davide Gomba from! subtitled the movie with Massimo, for those of you wondering what he was saying in it :-)






El gobierno Italiano está haciendo una selección de innovaciones nacionales que traer a la exposición de Shanghai de este año. Hay muchas entidades participantes, entre otras la nuestra. Wired Italia es el responsable de estudiar que candidatos son los mejores en función de una votación online. Representado a Arduino, Massimo envió una solicitud en el nombre de Smartprojects, la empresa que fabrica Arduino USB y Arduino Mega, así como una serie de los shields oficiales. Toda la campaña es en Italiano, y puede resultar difícil de comprender si no se habla la lengua.

Este post es una llamada para que Voteis por Arduino. Si la plataforma responde a tus expectativas, si disfrutas aprendiendo y construyendo con nosotros, si te gusta y te gustamos, nos puedes ayudar a conseguir más visibilidad en todo el mundo visitando esta web y clickeando sobre las cinco estrellas del sistema de votación al principio de la página. Por favor, ve directo a por la 5a estrella, necesitamos toda la ayuda del mundo para ser elegidos.

Ahí va un vídeo de Massimo explicando porqué Arduino debiera ser elegido:

Massimo solitando enviar Arduino a la Expo 2010


Instructables contest results

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
World Clock - winner of Instructables Arduino contest 2009

World Clock - winner of Instructables Arduino contest 2009

A couple of weeks ago we announced the Instructables Arduino contest, the results are now ready. The pretty World Clock won. I wonder if its maker will send me one this Xmass. The people at Instructables were overwhelmed with the response from the community. Believe me when I say there were a lot of entries, it was hard to be in the jury … the level in the projects presented got quite high.

I wish I had some time to join one of these contests myself. But … mm … it’s maybe better just being part of the jury, I don’t want to lose against you guys!

Bricogeek Arduino Design Contest Results

Friday, September 11th, 2009

The design contest by Arduino’s distributor Bricogeek in Spain just came to an end. The results of the excellent projects that got chosen can be seen at this website. Follows the video from the winner, the project ArdunoidGPS by Albert Sanz.

You can follow the results for the whole contest at Bicogeek’s website. It contains videos, pictures, schematics, and code for all the projects. If you didn’t know how to spend next weekend, you can still run to your closest hardware store and get some gear to reproduce one of the projects.

Thanks Bricogeek for arranging this contest, we are looking forward to future editions!

Let Arduino Play Contest – from Bicogeek

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Arduino distributor Bricogeek is launching an Arduino contest, deadline is August 25th, check here for the rules.

For the first time at, we organize a contest which we hope you enjoy.

All you need is making a game with and Arduino board. You can use any version of the boards available but it must be playable so user can interact with your project.

You can make for example a simple Simon game or even a world domination multiplayer game with graphic LCD with sounds, why not! Just let your imagination flow and do it. The jury will take care of presentation, originality, documentation and execution of your project. Don’t forgot to grab a video demonstration, of course!! You can submit your project, one per person, before the deadline show on the right of this page, so be quick! once time limit is reached, our jury will inspect all the projects submitted and device the tree who wins.

Libelium Hacking Contest II

Friday, January 16th, 2009



The guys from Libelium are launching their 2nd Arduino Hacking Contest. Their deadline is April 15th, here I quote Alicia Asin -one of the company owners:

  Hi again!

  In 2008 we promoted the 1st Arduino Open Hardware Contest, which showed
  (one more time) Arduino boards' big potential (
  The 2nd Arduino Contest is opened now, we encourage you all to participate!

  Info and prizes:

  Good luck to everyone, we are looking forward to see your hacks

  /Libelium Team

I gotta post about the devices you can get as prize, since me and Dave got a box of goodies from Libelium as a xmas present. But that will be another day.

Results to Libelium’s Design Contest

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The Spanish company and Arduino distributor Libelium has released the results for their Arduino Hacks Contest. It was announced on our blog some months ago.

Among the winners and finalists you can find: Javier Briz and Valentin Plugaru with their electronic door-lock Arduino Security, Alex Bell and his Weather Forecaster, Kristin O’Field and Che-Wei Wang from ITP who made momo the city navigation device, Rebecca Stern -featured earlier on this blog- with Sensor Squid, Luis Ignacio Diaz del Dedo and Luis Alberto Perez Garcia proving that there is still a lot to talk about within robotics with their R4P, and Brandon Sweeny with Walbot.

This is the winner in the Robotics Category, R4P, video courtesy of the authors

There are videos, as well as PDFs with documentation to each one of this projects at Libelium’s Contest site.

Libelium launches a hacking contest

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Libelium, open software/hardware company and Arduino distributor located in Zaragoza, Spain, launches a hacking contest. You could win a limited-edition GPRS/GPS module for Arduino if one of your documentation videos gets selected.

As seen on their website:

It is a contest for everyone who believes in Open Hardware and enjoys hacking with Arduino. It is the time to show what you have done and share it with the Community!

poster for the competition